Pi Mu Epsilon

National Honor Society for mathematics majors in junior or senior year with an overall grade point average of 3.33 and a 3.50 average in mathematics. Biomathematics majors who meet the criteria can be nominated with an unsolicited recommendation from full-time mathematics faculty. The University’s chapter was installed in February 1973.  An induction ceremony and dinner is held annually.

Math Competitions

Integration Bee (Contact Dr. S. Muir)

This annual competition is like a spelling bee except contestant perform a calculus problem.  There is both a high school and college division with cash prizes for the winners.  For more information on the bee, click Integration Bee competition.

Putnam Competition (Contact:  Dr. Monks or Mr. Leong)

This premier undergraduate math competition consists of two three-hour sittings separated by a lunch break. Each competitor attempts to solve twelve problems, which can typically be solved with only basic knowledge of college mathematics, but which require extensive creative thinking.

Garden State Undergraduate Math Competition (Contact:  Dr. Monks or Mr. Leong)

The Garden State Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (GSUMC) is a one-day meeting for undergraduate students that includes a mathematics competition (NJUMC), opportunities for students to present their research (posters and talks), as well as an engaging plenary presentation accessible to undergraduates.

Attendance at the GSUMC is free for students, but advance registration is required. 

Math Club

For more information go to the club webpage.

Other undergraduate opportunities

Summer and internship information
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