From Stacy Lewandowski

Alumnus/a '10
Stacy Lewandowski's Father Pilarz memory

Father Pilarz was more then just the president of the University. He made everyone who met him feel as through they were his friend. I was fortunate enough to know Father Pilarz before I attended Scranton because my sister attended Scranton first. My sister was on the women’s basketball team and I can remember Father being in the middle of the student section with all us leading us in cheers. When the team made it to the final four (both years) he had the players’ families back to his office to celebrate and traveled to see them compete in the final four and again threw a gathering together in the hotel. We are got to know him.

I remember when I told him I would be attending Scranton and how excited he was for me. I showed up for orientation with my dad and he looked at us and said what are you guys doing here I think you know the place already. A lot of my family members got the chance to meet Father Pilarz a few times and upon hearing of his death everyone responded with how amazing he was and had a story to tell about when they met him.

The president reception was also a great memory. He was out there on the dance floor dancing with all of us. Someone who didn’t know wouldn’t have realized he was the president because he at no time though he was better or above anyone. I can say my time at Scranton and my decision to attend Scranton was greatly influenced by Father Pilarz. I am blessed have known him.

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