Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J.
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Heartbreaking, there are no words to describe this loss. He was a great man and I will never forget him!


Rest In Peace...he was an inspiration and I’m so glad he was president when I was there. I was honored to come back and play for his second inauguration ceremony. His love for The U was evident.


"Stay that close, grow even closer. Dance at one another's weddings, stand as godparents for each other's kids. As a Jesuit friend of mine is fond of saying, 'the conversation will get richer and the jokes will get funnier.' The conversation among Scranton friends will be a consolation for you down all the days ahead. Don't waste love." - Father Pilarz


We are saddened by his passing. A kind man and a great leader.


May he RIP


Rest in peace, you were such a wonderful human being as well as a great leader


So sad, may he Rest In Peace


Sending the whole Scranton community hugs, thoughts, and prayers. he truly was a staple of the university and will forever be remembered


Our deepest sympathies are with the University of Scranton community as we proudly helped Father Pilarz with all our ability and expertise as he battled ALS.


Father Pilarz will be greatly missed.


Sympathy to his family, his U of S family and his many friends.


Rest In Peace, Father


all road lead to Scranton


Very sad news. R.I.P.


So very sorry


Thank you, Father Pilarz. May you fly with the angels.


Thank you for all that you did. You will be in our hearts forever


A great man and representative for Scranton


Pray for us please.


The University of Scranton lost an inspirational leader while Heaven gained a Royal. Rest in Peace Father Pilarz


I’m heartbroken, but relieved that he’s no longer in pain. My love and prayers go to his family and to the Jesuit and Scranton communities. Truly the voice of God and a friend to all.


you will be missed - Rest In Peace Father Pilarz


So sorry for such an incredible loss. Prayers for peace and for strength


Awesome memories with him


Rest in peace Rev. Scott


Such a great man who treated every one equally and like they were part of his family. Sending love and prayers to his family and the Jesuit community.




Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord...


Thank you for giving me my best friends


Rest in peace, Fr. Pilarz!


Truly an inspirational leader


He was my neighbor freshman year in Gannon! His dog used to rummage in our dorm room! :) RIP sending love to the whole Scranton community !!


may he rest in eternal peace


Rest In Peace. You will be so missed


“Don’t waste love” Father Pilarz will be so missed.


Don’t Waste Love


RIP A true blessing to the Scranton community


RIP Fr. Pilarz


forever saddened to hear this news. Wonderful memories during my time there with him. Rest In Peace Father president


Such an amazing human being. May he rest in peace.


He was a terrific guy! Will be missed sorely.


Thank you for your bright light, Father, and for your positivity with your Scranton family. Rest In Peace and fly with the angels


RIP Father


“God freely created us so that we might know, love, and serve him in this life and be happy with him forever.” -St Ignatius, God bless Padre, RIP


Rest In Peace, Father


What a wonderful man! He will surely be missed


May he Rest In Peace


Thoughts and prayers go out to Father’s family as well as the entire Scranton University community. Rest In Peace


Sad day for us Royals


I am so sad to hear this news. Father Pilarz was a wonderful leader and caring soul. Rest in peace


an honor to have him as our President.


Oh no God bless his soul such a wonderful man!


Father P, we love you. Rest in eternal peace.


Rest In Peace


Rest in Peace


RIP. Thank you for everything you have done!


What a great leader and an ever better human. We had small, yet memorable interactions throughout my 4 years. My wife and I went back for her 10 year reunion and we had the opportunity to chat with him again. Same man. Loved Scranton. Loved us. Rest In Peace.


Such sad news


Rest In Peace Father Pilarz


We will set the world on fire for you


This is such sad news. He was such an inspiration to both students and families. Rest in peace Father. You will be missed.


Rest in peace


Rest in peace father Pilarz. You will be remembered and missed.


“The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like shining from shook foil” -God’s Grandeur. You will be missed often & remembered fondly, Father. Thank you for teaching us. We are fortunate to have had you in our lives.


Heartbreaking. Such an incredible leader, educator, friend, human. Rest in peace, Fr. Pilarz.... *Don’t waste love*


Heartbreaking. Father Pilarz will forever be missed. He was a wonderful man. Extremely fortunate to have known him.


God Bless. So sad


Rest in Peace. He was a truly good man.


May he rest in peace


An excellent man who was an inspiration to all.


my heart breaks for the Jesuit community and the students at Scranton University. He was a special man


So very sad. Such an awful disease. Rest In Peace Father Pilarz.


May he Rest In Peace.


Rest In Peace, Father. You’ll be missed.


Rest in peace


This is very sad RIP


As a student I once emailed him about a security concern off campus. He emailed me back the next day and set up a meeting. He didn’t know me and took the time to meet with me and hear me out. He was a great school leader.

K Mc Garvey

RIP Father

Bobbi Jo Carter

What a positive role model for his entire campus community! Rest In Peace Father

Rosanne Hallett Uricchio

Rest in peace.

Diane Kuchera Muniz

RIP Father!!

Bill O'Hearn

Rest in peace

Claire O'Donnell Smith

God Bless!

Jim Malone

Rest in peace prays for a wonderful man God blessing going out to your family you will be missed

Peggy Harris

I will never forget for several years, at the Presidents Undergraduate Reception, handing Rev. Pilarz the microphone as he went out into the middle of a crowd of thousands singing his heart out to “Rosalita” !!!! Rock On Rev. Pilarz!!!

Mike Walton

Thoughts and prayers to the University of Scranton community.

John Ellis

Fr. Pilarz, with his vision, made the U and its alumni competitive graduates in the employment market, especially the Nursing department. Faculty took seriously the values of education of the mind, body and spirit. And I cannot go without saying, the cafeteria and selections were phenomenal!

Kathy Quaranta

God Bless him, may he rest in peace

Krissy Longo

Rest In Peace Father

Joe Zielinski

RIP Father

Charles Kratz

RIP. Horrible disease. PRAYERS

Fiona Maguire Bell

Rip father pilarz

John Forlenza

He is an absolute legend. Rest In Peace.

Caroline Corasaniti

May his memory be eternal!

Thomas Stadnik

Flights of angels, dear friend. What a loss for your Georgetown University &  Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society friends as well as those in Scranton.

Susan Shay

Rest in Eternal Peace Fr. Pilarz

Nancy Mulvihill

Rest In Peace Father! UofS was so lucky to have you

Christina P Psathas

Rest easy

Cathy Patrick

My deepest sympathy. May his memory be a blessing.

Maria Petraccoro Royce

Sorry to read of his passing. He was much loved by the students.

Gail Barbieri Bontrager

Rest in Peace Fr. Pilarz 

Maria Elizabeth

So sorry to hear may he rest in peace

Mary Dougherty

Rest in Peace Fr. Pilarz. I was blessed to come to Scranton along with you as a student in your first class in 2003 and then to welcome you home a second. I was thankful for all that you did for the UofS. May you God take you home for a peaceful rest. God bless you. God bless Catholic and Jesuit education. God bless the University of Scranton.

Mary Ann Smith

Such a loss!  But now he is in a better place, free from suffering.

Mary Sweeney

What an amazing man! He will be a Royal legend

Eileen Vita

What a faithful follower of Christ. Heaven gained an extraordinary man.

Ronda Ascoli Ralph

Rest in Peace Father Pilarz

Cynthia Harvell Forlenza

Rest in Peace Fr Pilarz! A man of great faith and kindness His personality was a gift to those who knew him.

Marianne Shields

RIP Father Pilarz. Thank you for your leadership. You will be missed

Maria Faulisi Laudani

Was a caregiver of fathers. RIP Father Pilarz.

Sandra Johnson

So sorry . May he Rest In Peace.

LeighAnn French Cromie

Rest In Peace Father Pilarz

Adrian Biscocho

A wonderful man. May he Rest In Peace.

Denise Telonidis Parlamas

Rest In Peace Father Pilarz. You will be missed

Bailee Hendricks

God bless Fr. Pilarz! Honored to have graduated from Scranton under his leadership! 

Ashley Kalfazade

Never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. But always greatly admired him for his faith and strength in God and his ability to continue leading the university during such a difficult time while fighting such a debilitating disease. He was a great example of amazing human being. My God welcome his soul

Jennifer Dooley Wescoe

Rest In Peace Father Pilarz

Paula Fusco

An incredible leader and man. May he Rest In Peace.

Peggy Redmond

RIP Father Pilarz.

Kevin M McGrath Sr.

So sorry to hear this news. Praying for his family and the University of Scranton.

Janine Gibney

So sad, Rest In Peace Father Pilarz

Sarah Marcucci

God Bless

Jo Shafer Hawk

Rest In Peace Father and prayers to the University of Scranton community

Anne McMahon Cooney

A sad day for the university community.

Jason Arbacheski

May he Rest In Peace. What a lovely welcome he gave to my daughter’s class and all of us new Scranton families during his first year as president. We were sad to hear he had become ill and not be able to remain active in his position.

Peggy Bergin

Rest In Peace, Father Pilarz.

Maryellen Whritenour

What a genuine human being who transformed the University to what it is today! Truly a saint!

John McLaughlin

May he Rest In Peace. Prayers for the entire Scranton community

Maria Rose

Prayers for The Scranton family community

Tracy Stauffer Currie

God Bless!

Amy McGuirk Bruce

Rest in Peace Father Pilarz

Steve Benedict

Very sad to hear this.

Gina Hammer Bailey

Praying for his family and the students. They absolutely loved him.

Jennifer Phillips Wilder

Rest In Peace

Rolando Ramirez

Oh no. So very sorry to hear this news. His mother was a very close friend of my mom's. RIP Scott.

MaryBeth Gundersen Anderson

He is going to be missed

Kristina O'Neill

May he Rest In Peace! He will be missed by his Scranton family!

Colleen Murphy Mullen

Very sad, wonderful man and dedicated priest. May he rest in peace.

Jim Fallon

May you rest in peace, father. The angels and saints are welcoming you home.

Angela Michler

Praying for his family!

Kelli Hadley Nelson

May his Memory be Eternal!

Stephanie Onofrey

Rest In Peace. You will be missed by all.

Nancy Richards Strassle

So very sorry to hear this news. May he rest in peace.

Mary Kobrick Schell

Rest In Peace!

Debbie Flint

AMDG Shalom

Ronald Bowman

I know you are resting in peace in the arms of your Savior whom you served so faithfully in this world. Now you are in your eternal reward and hearing those words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” Thank you for being such a mentor and a wonderful influence at The U.

Marie Franco Ali

Rest In Peace

Mary Good Fava

So sad for the Scranton community. Fr. Pilarz was such a lovely man. May he rest in peace.

Jennifer Petito

May he rest in peace! He was such a beautiful person in our lives 

Sophia Cornejo

Rest In Peace

Tracey Richards Chiulli

Prayers for the community and his family

Nellie Murphy

May he rest in peace.

Joyce Black Covaleski

So sad. Rest in Peace Father. Thank you for all you did for the University of Scranton. You were so loved

Katie Farrell Lopresti

Fr. Pilarz my you rest in eternal peace. Thank you for your guidance throughout the last 3 years. Prayers and strength to your family and the University family as they carry on with your legacy of greatness

Doris Dee

May he Rest In Peace.

Maria Marotta

So heartbreaking. Such a kind man. He always treated the Physical Plant people with respect. Rest in Peace Father Pilarz. You will be remembered.

Mary Jo Frioni Monahan

Rest in peace Father Pilarz

Frances Coyle Galli

Very sad to hear. May he Rest In Peace.

Kim Wright Melchione

May God rest your soul.

Susan Burdick

So terribly sorry. May he Rest In Peace.

Clare Sweeney Horn

What a loss. Thank you for all you gave to our miracle in the mountains, Padre. We were so lucky to have you.

Sara Vis

He truly was an incredible person. He has impacted the lives of so many and will be missed deeply. God bless him, his family, his friends and the entire University of Scranton community.

Maria Lieberman Smalley

Rest In Peace

Marisa Maayan

Thank you for your generous and courageous life. Rest In Peace, Father Pilarz.

Laura McGann Smith

So very sorry to hear this. Prayers sent

Bernadette McCann

May he Rest In Peace. Two of my favorite courses at the U were in his office for English courses he taught- wonderful professor and a good and holy priest.

Joseph Kott

Such a wonderful man. God bless him.  And God bless the University of Scranton.

Anne Norrison Monaco

Rest In Peace Father Pilarz, Prayers and strength to his family, and to his University that he loved!

Elisa Slater

Such a wonderful caring man. He loved the students at university of Scranton and they loved him.

Denise Colangelo-Gerenza

Prayers to all at The University of Scranton! RIP Fr Pilarz.

Erika Heim Hendricks

May his memory be eternal.

Anna DiPaola Gemolas

Thoughts and prayers to the Scranton community and university.

Bridget DiRita Byrne

RIP Fr. Pilarz

Michelle Keary Kennedy

So sad to hear this. Got to spend a few minutes with him at a reunion once. Was a genuinely good man. May he Rest In Peace.

Patrick Beacham

So very sad. Such an awful disease. Rest In Peace Father Pilarz. 

Kelly Holland Guarino

So sorry R.I.P. Father

Christopher Hendricks

This is Such sad news. Father Pilarz was such a wonderful man. He made a difference in many lives. May he Rest In Peace.

Kathy Lugara

I’m sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family, friends, & students/staff at the U.

Jackie O'Donnell Crawford

Rest In Peace, Fr. Pilarz

Dina Augusto Schablik

So sad. Rest in peace

Paige Mertens Nish

R.I.P Father

Mary Butler Gibbons


Dorothy Hughes

RIP Fr Pilarz

Crayg Hms

So sad. He seemed like such a gentle soul who loved the university and its students.

Kathleen Smith Foster

Rest in Peace Father

Lisa Alaimo Yuresko

Rest In Peace Father

Walter Benzija

Heartbreaking news. Rest in eternal peace

Laureen Roe-Caragliano

@DrBradH: Replying to @univofscranton Fr. Pilarz was a great leader and a good man who led the University of Scranton to greater heights, while always emphasizing what was best about Jesuit education. Rest in peace, Father.

Dr. Brad Harrington

@aprilsnewton: Replying to @MarquetteU and @univofscranton So sorry to hear this and sharing in thoughts for his family and community.

April Newton

@McDTimJ: Replying to @jesuitcolleges @univofscranton and 2 others Sorry to hear this news—Father Scott was a great guy and an outstanding leader in @NAICUtweets circles... #RestInPeace

Timothy J. McDonough

@jim_m_love: Replying to @MarquetteU and @univofscranton Great man. This is so sad. I will never forget him.

Jim Love

@gmskelly06: Replying to @univofscranton A great man and leader. Such a great loss...

Kelly Spak

@PBJordan13: Replying to @HofiusHallTT and @univofscranton A leader who truly knew what was most important; relationships and connections. Large in stature on campus but always made you feel special in connecting with him. My wife and I were one of many alumni couple to luck enough to be married by him. A very sad day.

Peter Jordan

@d3Playbook: Our condolences to the entire ‪@univofscranton‬ community.


@BillColona: Replying to @univofscranton - Father Pilarz was a good man whose mark was left on the campus he helped build, the culture he cultivated, and in the hearts of every alum who had the privilege of attending while he was president. I’ll never forget his voice & how his words touched my heart. May he Rest in Peace.

Bill Colona

@KyleMichaelP: Replying to @univofscranton Scott left a profound impact on me while at ‪@Georgetown‬. He was a man of powerful intellect, a captivating orator and homilist, and a true man for others. May his witness to a life of service and his strength through suffering in recent years be inspiring to all who knew him. We lost a great man and priest today ‪@univofscranton ‪@JesuitsGlobal‬‬

Kyle Michael P.

@RoyalDisneyDad: Replying to @univofscranton The University of Scranton lost an inspirational leader while Heaven gained a Royal Rest in Peace Father Pilarz

Royal Disney Dad

@MarieBa33373029: Replying to @univofscranton and @FrTimSJ May his soul Rest in eternal Peace

Marie Baker

@CoachMBS: Replying to @LandmarkConf @univofscranton and @RoyalAthletics Thoughts and prayers with the entire Scranton family.

Mary Beth Spirk

Noooo - may he Rest in Peace...

Irene Antillano

Tremendous loss.... rest in peace Father

Gina Butler

A loss for the whole UofS family!

Steve Galluzzo

Although I only knew him from a few meetings, he was a great man.

Jeremy Ott

He was such a wonderful man. May he Rest in Peace.

Michele Wrazien

Our youngest daughter graduated last May. Fr Pilarz was indeed a great man!

Tony Russo

Great man and a great leader. RIP Fr. Pilarz.

Christopher Psihoules

RIP -- ALS is a very nasty illness.

George J. Yescavage

A great man, a huge loss for the University of Scranton family.

Sue Garbe

Rest in peace, father.

Ralph Loitfelder

Huge loss for the University family, such a great man gone entirely too soon.

Brendan Williams

Very sad to hear this. Rest peacefully.

Prashanta Priest

The University was truly blessed to have Fr. Pilarz. His care and concern for the students, faculty and staff was very evident. I know his spirit will carry on in the hearts and lives of The University of Scranton community.

Colleen Rohr

I'm so very sorry to hear of the passing of Fr. Pilarz. A wonderful man and a real gift to The University of Scranton. May he Rest in Peace.

Mary Rezeski

What a wonderful man. My daughter (Scranton class of 2020) really liked him.

Pamela Jones

God bless!

Jim Malone

I will never forget what a remarkable person Father Pilarz was during my years in Scranton. RIP and many prayers to all who were touched by him.

Andrea Wilczynski

He was a great man that was able to show individual support for his students, all while transforming the University as a whole. He will be missed dearly.

John Schiliro

Thank you Father Pilarz for giving me my first full time position in higher education, and for your passion for Catholic and Jesuit education, humanistic study and the liberal arts. Rest in peace.

Darryl DeMarzio

Father Pilarz was a wonderful leader to the University Community. In 2009, I had the pleasure of meeting part of his family one day and his beloved dog. He will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Marsinlen Blackwell

Father Pilarz's exceptional career exemplifies the Society of Jesus and the priesthood at its best. His passing is a deep loss for the Church, the Order, and the University. He will be missed by all who had the good fortune to encounter him, but not forgotten.

Richard Bucci

I am so saddened by this news. May you Rest in Peace Father. You were a blessing to all of us who love the U.

Himedes Chicas

Although our paths have not crossed in this life, I plan for us to catch up in the next. #1986

Christopher Elliott

Rest in Peace Fr. Pilarz. Your leadership will be missed.

Frank Zink

An incredible man that lived his life leading and making sure the University of Scranton was great for anyone that walked on campus. He will truly be missed. Rest in Peace.

Dan Colucci

A man for and with others. You modeled perseverance, grace, generosity of spirit, and love for the Lord. Rest in heavenly peace, Father.

Charles McManus

Rest in Peace, Fr. Pilarz. Scranton is a better place thanks to your hard work on our little "miracle in the mountains."

Chris Doyle, Jr.

What a wonderful man. God bless him. U. of Scranton was so fortunate to have a leader like him.

Greg Dodds

Rest in Peace, Father

Mona DelSole

R.I.P. Father Pilarz. Thank you for all your great work for the University of Scranton.

Brian Hughes

I had a lot of family who attended U of S during his time, very sad news.

Gary Casey

Rest in Peace. I always loved to hear him speak.

Teresa (Tracy) Young

May God bless Fr. Pilarz for being such a loyal servant to Him and a messenger for the Holy Trinity. May his soul rest in peace in heaven and may we remember him on June 21st - Global Day for ALS/MND.

Joseph Fernandez

He had a life well lived, and I feel fortunate to have known him as more than a president, but also as a professor and a fellow dog parent during my time there while he was a new president. He was a wonderful leader and even better person. May he rest.

Kristin Sutton

God bless.

Jim Hartsky

Such a sorrowful day for the Scranton community. Father Pilarz was a great Jesuit role model, Rest in Peace.

Sean Crotty

What a terrific President. Heaven is a better place now. He will be missed by his students and faculty I’m sure!

Frank Cangelosi, Jr.

I remember when he first came to Scranton. A first-class gentleman, he did great for the University of Scranton. Job well done. Thank you.

Harris Cutler

Terrible loss; he will be greatly missed.

Mark P. Jones

Father Pilarz was one of the main reasons we felt comfortable sending our daughter to U of Scranton. We always referred to him as the Voice of God" Rest in Peace.

Rick Crosta

God bless this wonderful and inspiring man.

Kristen (Pecka) Trusch

Rest in Peace, 2 generations of Scranton grads appreciate you and your contribution to the WHY which makes U of S extraordinary.

Ray Grapsy

RIP Fr. Pilarz, you will be missed by all at the University of Scranton including past and present students.


Rest in Peace Fr. Pilarz

Dan McGarrey

Sad news. May he Rest in Peace.

John Douthit

May God bless Father Pilarz and rest his soul - he absolutely epitomized AMDG. The U has lost a piece of its heart today.

Lauren M. Williams

An amazing man and great leader. I am grateful for the opportunity to know him. What a blessing to have met him.

Bernard J. Costello

A life well lived. A man for others. May he Rest in Peace.

Kate Shields

One of the kindest, thoughtful humans I had the pleasure of knowing. He touched countless communities of young and old and his personal attention will be missed by many.

Bill Brosseau

Good man. Fought ALS very hard and am very impressed by how much he did even after being diagnosed.

Ryan Brennan

Great Man who will be missed by all especially at the U.

Kevin Raslowsky

A wonderful man, an incredible legacy.  Fr. Pilarz may you rest in peace.

Jill Murray

Rest in Peace Father Pilarz

David McDonald

Rest in Peace.

Michael Sunkel

One of the best presidents and humans the U ever experienced.

Jack Costello

Rest in Peace and thank you for everything you did for our home...

Anthony B. Piombino

Heartbreaking loss felt by all who were fortunate to have known him.

Lauren Benedict

Rest in Peace Father Pilarz.

Bill Alessi, Sr.

May he Rest in Peace

Emily Kiely

Rest in Peace. May God bless.

Mark Calomino

Rest in Peace.

Chris Imken

Rest in Peace Fr. Pilarz.

Alice Ducey

God bless! Rest in Peace.


rip fr. pilarz you will forever be in our hearts


Rest In Peace, thank you Father Pilarz for everything you’ve done for our university


Thank you for giving us all something so special


A Remarkable and Honorable man R. Pilarz, Rest In Peace


For me, Father Pilarz was The University of Scranton incarnate, preaching and living the Jesuit ideals of cura personalis and serving others, setting the world on fire in his wake. He was intelligent, diligent, passionate, driven, and full of compassion for each member of our University and the city it calls home. Father Pilarz was the head and the heart while sharing in the wonder of each new experience with us students as though it was just as novel to him. I never truly appreciated that until I worked at other institutions that, simply put, didn’t have a Father Pilarz of their own. Thanks to this amazing Jesuit and man for leading the community without which I wouldn’t be becoming the person I had always hoped to be. May he rest in the kind of peace he wished daily to those around him.


Thank you for everything. We’re gonna miss you.


This is such sad news. May he rest in peace.


Rest In Peace Father Pilarz. You will be fondly remembered by us all.


Eternal rest, grant unto him, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


I am so sorry to hear this.


Rest in peace. he did wonderful things for an amazing school and student body. #scrantonstrong


Thoughts and Prayers for him and his family. I feel assured that a jesuit of this man’s stature is in Good hands. Much Love, Rev. Scott Pilarz. Thank you for all that you have shown us.


May he rest peacefully


Rest in peace Father.


may he Rest In Peace.


RIP to a wonderful person


May you Rest In Peace Fr Pilarz - such a brave , kind , beloved compassionate soul - you will truly be missed .God Bless You and The University of Scranton


Rest In Peace


May he Rest In Peace. Both being in our “freshman” year back in ‘03, he was always understanding of being “new” here, and throughout those 4 years he gave space for our voices to be heard. He was a friendly neighbor in that freshman dorm and approachable president. His kindness was inspiring and his passion for Scranton was infectious! He set a great example for us to become women and men that will set the world on fire. You will be missed Fr. Pilarz.


May he Rest In Peace


I learned more about discipleship in one weekend from Fr. Pilarz and the @scrantonladyroyals road to the final four (2004/05?) than I did in K-8 Catholic school


So very sorry to hear this upsetting news. Sending thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and the University of Scranton community.


Rest In Peace Father Pilarz. You will always be remembered by everyone at the University of Scranton and the Community. God Bless You and hold you in his loving arms forever.


Gonna play some Bruce tonight to honor the man. They didn’t come much cooler than Father Pilarz.


The Scranton Community will so miss you


Rest easy father


May he Rest In Peace


Rip to someone who meant so much to the Scranton community. May the positive impact of his work and words carry on


Rest In Peace truly a man for others.


Forever a Royal. What a truly amazing man. He will be missed by so many! RIP


Deepest sympathy. Very sad news


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.


Rest In Peace


We won’t waste love


I am so very sorry and sad to see this. So much thanks and appreciation for all he has done for the University of Scranton. He always shared words of inspiration. He will be missed


Rest In Peace Father, and let perpetual light shine upon you always.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the community of @universityofscranton during this time.


An amazing man, and an even better example of how we should all live our lives


figureskating2627 In my 5 years at Scranton I never met the guy, but my friends who knew him liked him very much. He was so young! ALS is horrible. May he rest in peace.