From Christina Rakowski

Alumnus/a '07

The day your parents leave you at college is always a moment in time that you will always remember. Before my parents left, we attended Father Pilarz’s farewell mass on the GLM green, right outside my new home. As he lead the mass my nerves were put to ease. Father Pilarz’s enthusiasm, kind heart and personality came through. I knew right then I had picked the right school one he brought up Bruce Springsteen during mass! My father and I looked at each other with pure joy and excitement. I was a band member my freshmen year and performed at his inauguration which was beautiful.

Throughout my years at Scranton I attended mass with my friends after Sunday night Sinatra dinner because we truly enjoyed going. The environment Father Pilarz created was felt throughout the campus. Each day his dog Jack would visit our room and my roommate (who is still my best friend) loved playing with him, as he lived in our dorm. As our years went by my love for the University of Scranton and my appreciation for a Jesuit education grew. The night before Graduatoon Father Pilarz celebrated with us at Oscars. My friends and I took a picture with him that I will always cherish. Graduation day was truly a sad day, and as Father Pilarz started his career with a beautiful mass, he blessed the class of 2007 with beautiful sentiments to send us off. There was no question in my brothers mind, he was coming to Scranton as well.

Thank you Father Pilarz for your wisdom, guidance and love. We will continue to carry on your teachings. God bless Father Pilarz, God bless Catholic Jesuit Education and God Bless the University of Scranton.

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