From Anonymous

Alumnus/a '06 G'12

In his homily at Fr. Pilarz's funeral mass, Fr. Keller reminded us of the love that Fr. Pilarz had for the University of Scranton. These reminders, including Fr. Pilarz referring to Scranton as the "miracle in the mountains" and his ever present reminders to not waste love, brought tears to my eyes.

Fr. Pilarz was president for five of the seven years I was a student at the University of Scranton, spanning two degrees. Fr. Pilarz shaped the loving culture of the university that would have an undeniable impact on the person I have become. Thank you, Fr. Pilarz, for loving the University of Scranton and in turn, the entire university community. Including every student, alumnus, faculty, and staff member.

May you rest in peace and may your spirit never cease to remind us all to not waste love.

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