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Monday, February 10: The Art of Leadership

William E. Strickland, Jr.
President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Social Architect, Community Leader and Visionary

Bill Strickland has used his leadership skills to improve the lives of many disadvantaged young people through creative training programs of his own design. From their base in Pittsburgh, these programs have been instituted in five other American cities to date. Winner of the coveted Mac Arthur “genius” Award, Bill will focus on what skill sets and leadership style can speak to the very complex and increasingly global nature of our challenges.

Monday, March 10: The Emergence of Anti-Liberal Politics in Central Europe

Jiri Pehe
Director of NYU in Prague, Political Analyst, Former Chief Political Advisor of President Vaclav Havel

All of the Visegrad countries have had problems in the last few years with maintaining liberal democracy. In Hungary the Fidesz party has stifled some liberal freedoms while in Poland, the anti-liberal right is likely to stage a comeback in the next elections. In Slovakia the political scene is entirely dominated by a leftist populist movement while in the Czech Republic, the last elections marked a spectacular rise of anti-system parties and movements, some which reject traditional party politics.
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Friday, March 14: Nasser’s Egypt & the Origins of the Arab Spring

Jesse Ferris, Ph.D.
Vice President for Strategy at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem

The lecture will focus on the subject of Ferris’ book, Nasser’s Gamble: How Intervention in Yemen Caused the Six-Day War and the Decline of Egyptian Power, demonstrating how Nasser’s missteps set the stage for the decline of Arab nationalism and the rise of political Islam.

Monday, March 24: Obama & the World in Historical Perspective

Fredrik Logevall, Ph.D.
John S. Knight Professor of International Studies, Vice-Provost for International Affairs, Cornell University
Rose Room, Brennan Hall, 5th Floor

How should we judge Barack Obama’s foreign policy as he approaches the midpoint of his second term? And how does he compare to his predecessors in his approach to the world? In this lecture Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Fredrik Logevall places Obama’s foreign policy in historical context, with particular attention to Wilsonianism.

Monday, March 31: An American in Paris: Straddling Two Educational Cultures

Celeste Schenck, Ph.D.
President of the American University in Paris
Rose Room, Brennan Hall, 5th Floor

Dr. Schenck speaks from her 25 years’ experience as an American educator in Paris on the profound differences between the French/European university system and the American one. She will discuss the public/private divide; differences in faculty status and governance; the constraints of labor relations and the different organization of degree programs and student services in the US and abroad. Political and cultural differences between French and American culture will also be discussed.
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Friday, May 9: Identity & the Struggle between the Culture of Human Rights & the Mafia

LeoLuca Orlando, Ph.D.
Mayor of Palermo, Italy
Rose Room, Brennan Hall, 5th Floor

As Mayor of Palermo from 1985 to 1990 and 1993 to 2000 and returning to the position in 2012, Leoluca Orlando has dedicated his career to the rebirth of his beloved city after decades of Mafia rule. His brilliant civic strategy ignited a virtual Renaissance in Palermo, demonstrating the power of civil society to change the city’s trajectory from one of crime and corruption to one of justice, democracy and civil and human rights. Palermo’s story exemplifies Orlando’s leadership and the courage of its citizens to restore social and political values despite a looming threat of retaliation and fear.

Fall 2013 World Affairs Luncheons

Jill Dougherty, US Affairs Editor for CNN International
Putin’s “Soft Power”:  Is it Propaganda or a New Message?
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David Myers, Professor of Jewish History, Chair of the History Department, UCLA            
Israel, Palestine and Syria:  The Changing Face of the Middle East
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Stephen Kinzer, Author and Visiting Professor, Brown University
The Brothers:  John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and Their Secret World War, published Oct. 2013
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Michael Edwards, Writer and Activist on Civil Society and Social Transformation
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John Copper, Stanley J. Buckman Distinguished Professor of International Studies, Rhodes College    
China—US—Taiwan and the Art and Science of Diplomacy
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William O’Neill, Lawyer in Humanitarian, Human Rights and Refugee Law; Director, Conflict Prevention & Peace Forum in NYC 
Challenges in Modern Peace- Keeping—From Haiti to Congo
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