World Affairs Luncheons

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All luncheons are from Noon to 1:30pm
Luncheon Fees: $20 per luncheon per person • $30 per luncheon per couple • $110 per series of 6 per person • $160 per series of 6 per couple


Monday, September 25

Jazz & Democracy in 2017: Does it Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got that Swing?
This talk will provide a brief history of jazz and its connections to and parallels with the socio-political landscape of the 20th Century, today and into the future. Issues to be addressed include the role of the academy, the status of African-Americans and the competition between art and commerce in our society.

Wayne Winborne, Executive Director, Institute for Jazz Studies, Rutgers University Newark

Brennan Hall, Rose Room, 509; Noon to 1:30 p.m.



Friday, October 6

Secession & Nullification: Are They Dead or about to Erupt?
Secession and Nullification didn’t begin or end with the Civil War. Today we find several US states considering secession and there is the UK and Brexit. Nullification occurs when states or municipalities defy national laws. States permitting the sale of marijuana and Sanctuary Cities are two cases in point.

Morey Myers, Of Counsel, Myers, Brier and Kelly

Brennan Hall, Rose Room, 509; Noon to 1:30 p.m.


Friday, October 20

Universities & Communities, Partners for Change: A Global Movement
Since the 1990s higher education institutions and communities in the US have been forming partnerships to advance social change. In recent years these partnerships have been developing in other countries as well—leading to the creation of international organizations dedicated to advancing the model. This talk will bring to light the value of these partnerships as catalysts for social justice, equity and democracy across the globe.

Ira Harkavy, Associate President and Director of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania

Brennan Hall, Rose Room, 509; Noon to 1:30 p.m.


Friday, November 10

Scholarship, Service & Integrative Thinking:
My Work in Biotechnology and Africa’s Economic Development

Are there any limits to the theorem that creative power rises through integrative thinking: that is, by applying the insights and tools of one domain onto another?

Michael C. Fairbanks, Chairman of the Board, Silver Creek Medicines and Fellow at the Weatherhead Institute for International Affairs at Harvard University

Brennan Hall, Rose Room, 509; Noon to 1:30 p.m.


Tuesday, November 14

Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump
*In collaboration with the Scranton Times-Tribune

This talk will address how foreign policy is being made by the Trump administration and its impact on our relationships with the rest of the world.

Trudy Rubin, Worldview Columnist, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Edward Leahy Hall, Kane Forum, 2nd Floor; Noon to 1:30 p.m.


Monday, November 20

sami-adwan-02.jpgHistory Matters: The Road to Cross-Cultural Understanding & Reconciliation
The lecture will focus on the dual historical narrative approach to teaching history in times of conflict. The Israeli and Palestinian case: The Peace Research Institute in the Middle East (PRIME) initiative.

Sami Adwan, Ph.D., Professor of Education, Hebron University, West Bank

The DeNaples Center, Ballroom, 4th Floor; Noon to 1:30 p.m.


Spring 2017 World Affairs Luncheons

Friday, February 10, The People Formerly Known as Audience
Jay Rosen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Journalism, New York University
Listen to the Lecture Here

Friday, February 17, The Greatest Question That Has Ever Been Presented to the American People
Stephen Kinzer, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Brown University
Listen to the Lecture Here

Friday, February 24, New York Cultural Capital 1945-1965
Annie Cohen-Solal, Ph.D., Cultural historian, Writer and Professor of American Studies at the Université de Caen
Listen to the Lecture Here

Wednesday, March 8The Making of Mass Incarceration in America
Elizabeth Hinton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of History and of African and African-American Studies, Harvard University
Listen to the Lecture here

Wednesday, March 29, Shared Paths, Divergent Courses:  Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism, Part 2 The Israel-Palestine Conflict, 1949-1979
David Myers, Ph.D., Sady and Ludwig Kahn Professor of Jewish History, UCLA
Hussein Ibish, Ph.D., Senior Resident Scholar, Arab Gulf States Institute, Washington, D.C. 
Listen to the lecture here

Monday, April 3, Isis in America:  From Retweets to Raqqi
Alex Hitchens, Program on Extremism at George Washington University
Listen to the lecture here

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