Academic Support for English Language Learners

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) is dedicated to providing our international students with support in speaking, reading, listening, and writing English. Through our Conversation Partners Program, Talking Groups, and ESL Workshops, the CTLE provides a safe and comfortable environment for English Language Learners looking to enhance their academic experience by strengthening their language skills.  

The CTLE is located in the Loyola Science Center – 5th floor.  
The ESL Coordinator is Amye Archer, M.A., M.F.A

Conversation Partners Program

The CTLE Conversation Partners Program is designed to match international students with native, English-speaking students for language practice through informal and friendly conversation. The program promotes and encourages cultural awareness and understanding, helps international students understand and adapt to U.S. culture and academic life, and provides both participants the opportunity to see the world from another perspective and create a rewarding new friendship. 

Benefits of the Conversation Partners Program: 

Practice speaking and listening to English in a conversational tone 

Build your confidence in speaking English 

Ask specific questions about American culture or university life 

Make new friendships and connections with peers 

To request a conversation partner, please fill out an application: 

International Student Application

Talking Tuesdays

The CTLE is proud to announce a new series designed to help international students practice English speaking and listening skills. Talking Tuesdays are one-hour informal talking sessions moderated by a native speaker. Talking Tuesdays will give you a chance to practice, ask questions, or just listen to native speakers in authentic conversation. 

This opportunity is available to all students. Native English speakers are invited to attend as well. 

WHERE: STT 5113: The Study Abroad Room (Next to Provost’s Conference Room) 

WHEN: Every Tuesday from 3PM-4PM 

Click Here for Upcoming Topics

Writing Center

The CTLE Writing Center has continually been a helpful resource for international students interested in strengthening their writing skills. Students meet with trained consultants who can help interpret prompts and help overcome language barriers 

To make an appointment with the Writing Center, students must: 

  1. Log into my.scranton 
  2. Click self-service 
  3. Click on the Student Services & Financial Aid Menu 
  4. Click on the CTLE Menu 
  5. Choose Writing Center Scheduler 

For more detailed instructions, you can watch our tutorial.

Reading Services

The CTLE is happy to provide individual reading instruction for international students. Together with the CTLE Reading Specialist, students will focus on key skills that aid comprehension, such as activating and building upon prior knowledge, contextualizing the work in order to build a connection, identifying unfamiliar terms, and summarizing short passages.  These strategies build upon students' existing knowledge and help them relate to important themes and concepts in literature. 

To make an appointment with our reading specialist, email 

Last Modified: July 19, 2018