Call for Papers

We encourage the submission of papers and posters that offer original research, policy analysis, or promising programmatic interventions on topics related to humanitarianism in the United States and across the globe. We are particularly interested in proposals that specifically address the conference theme of “Health & Humanitarianism.” We are also accepting paper and poster presentations that involve community based learning and research projects. Undergraduate and graduate student submissions are strongly encouraged.


  • Paper and poster proposals are still being accepted.
  • All proposals must be submitted to
  • Completed papers are due to the panel moderator by Friday, May 31, 2019.


  • Project title and name, title, institutional and/or agency affiliation, and email address of each team member.
  • Type of proposal
    • Research paper presentations will feature individual student, student-community partner collaborative, faculty-community partner collaborative, or student-faculty collaborative research on topics related to the JUHAN Conference call for papers. Presenters will be organized by theme and placed with 2-3 other presenters for each session; papers should be distributed to co-presenters at least two weeks prior to the conference. 
    • Advocacy presentations will address campus and/or community work on issues related to humanitarianism and provide an opportunity for networking and sharing of best practices. We welcome student, faculty, and community participants alike. Presenters will be organized by theme and placed with 2-3 other presenters for each session.
    • Panel discussions will consist of 3-4 participants and a panel chair, organized by theme. Proposals of this type should be coordinated and moderated by a panel chair who will ensure that a significant amount of time is allotted for interactive discussion. Panel discussions may focus on either research or advocacy.
    • Poster presentations might showcase a research or advocacy project, a JUHAN-related course or experience, an immersion experience, etc. All poster presenters will be provided with a table or wall to showcase their work as part of a gallery session.
  • A paper abstract/proposal submission of 250-500 words that includes a summary of key themes to be addressed in the presentation and a reference to how this presentation connects to the overall conference theme/guiding questions.Submission Form

For all presentation formats, be sure to keep in mind that they should be pitched at a level appropriate to an audience that will include a mix of students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, faculty, and practitioners.

Presenters will be eligible to submit their paper for publication consideration in a special edition of the Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship.

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