COVID Corner

The COVID-19 Corner was created to help students find answers to common questions that they have related to the Royals Safe Together Plan, University procedures, and related Student Life information. If you have a question that is not answered here or on the University's Royals Back Together website, please contact Student Life at (570)941-7680 or

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

In an effort to best protect our campus and surrounding community, the University of Scranton required all students attending in-person classes or accessing campus for other reasons be fully vaccinated by January 26, 2022. Furthermore, the University is requiring the COVID-19 booster for all eligible students, faculty, and staff by February 28, 2022. Additional questions regarding this immunization requirement and/or immunization waivers should be directed to

Yes. All students attending in-person classes or accessing campus for other reasons must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by the start of Spring 2022 (January 26, 2022). Additionally, students, faculty, and staff who are eligible to get a booster shot, as determined by the CDC, must do so no later than Monday, February 28th or 2 weeks after the date they are eligible (whichever comes later).

Students must be fully vaccinated by January 26, 2022. Timelines for vaccination differ depending on which vaccine you receive. Below is a chart that will help you plan for the deadline*.

Spring 2022 (classes starting on January 26, 2022)



Johnson & Johnson

Dose 1

Before December 18th

Before December 11th 

Before January 8th

Dose 2

Before January 8th 

Before January 8th

*You must upload a COVID vaccine card to the student portal no later than January 10, 2022.*

*Please note, if you need to come to campus earlier than January 25 (Resident Assistant, Orientation Assistant, Student Athlete, Student Officer, etc.), you need to plan and adjust your dates accordingly. Please check with your supervisor as to when you need to be back on campus and adjust the schedule accordingly.

Students are encouraged to receive their booster at home prior to the start of the semester if eligible. This will decrease the likelihood of need to quarantine if exposed to a positive case.

Please follow the CDC guidelines regarding eligibility.

J&J/Janssen 2+ months after vaccine
Pfizer 5+ months after primary series
Moderna 5+ months after primary series

Need to find a location near you for the booster? Click here for options. 

Students who are not eligible must receive their booster no later than 2 weeks after becoming eligible.

Students will upload their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card from the CDC to their secure student portal.  Please note, you must reupload your card indicating your booster date to the portal. 

Inquiries regarding waiving the COVID-19 vaccine requirement should be directed to Student Health Services, Please note that individuals who are not fully vaccinated due to a medical condition/religious exemption need to isolate if they develop COVID-19 and need to quarantine if a close contact of a person who is positive for COVID-19.

While much can change, the University continues to offer undergraduate and graduate classes fully in-person, excluding graduate programs that are traditionally online. Implementing a fully in-person approach will depend on a number of factors, including vaccination and infection rates, and will demand that we retain many of the safety measures now in place.


All undergraduate and graduate students who will access campus, regardless of vaccination status, are required to get a PCR test no earlier than Thursday, January 20, with results uploaded to the Student Health Portal no later than noon on Tuesday, January 25.  Students should schedule their tests as soon as possible. If you are having trouble finding a testing site near you, please click here for options in your area. 

Students who have a confirmed positive test result over the past 90 days (i.e. since October 27) that was previously reported to the University do not need to re-test. If you have not yet reported a positive test, then you can do so through the Student Health Portal.

Student Testing Positive through At-Home Test:  Students testing positive using an at-home test can request a reporting form from Student Health Services by emailing

The University continues to require masks in all indoor settings on campus. The following are updates to campus masking requirements: 

  • Higher Grade Masks Required: Higher grade masks (e.g N95, KN95 or KF94) and double masking (e.g. a cloth mask worn over a surgical mask) provide improved protection against the Omicron variant. Members of the University community, visitors and guests are required to wear a mask that meets this higher standard of protection (i.e. N95, KN95, KF94 or double masking). The University will have a limited supply of high grade masks available for students and employees, We will continue to monitor community spread and may relax this higher masking standard if possible.
  • Gaiters and Similar Coverings Prohibited: The University prohibits the use of gaiters, bandanas, scarves, ski masks and balaclavas on campus as protective face coverings for COVID-19. Only higher grade masks or double masking are compliant with the Royals Back Together plan.

For the most up to date mask status, please check the Royals Back Together page. 


If you have a question that is not answered here or on the University's Royals Back Together website, you are welcome to contact Student Life at (570)941-7680 or
  • Between 8:30am-4:30pm Monday – Friday, please call Student Health Services and speak to a medical professional about your symptoms and confirm whether you need to be tested.  
  • After business hours and on weekends, in case of medical emergency or significant symptoms, students should contact University Police.
If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and decide to depart campus to go home prior to getting tested at Student Health Services, please note that you must get tested for COVID-19 through an off-campus provider, upload your test result to the Student Health Portal, and contact Student Health Services for guidance prior to returning to campus.
Please call Student Health Services immediately to report your positive test result. This will ensure that the University is aware of your need for support and able to assign a Contact Tracer to work with you. If you receive your test result after hours or on the weekend, please call University Police to report your positive test result.