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Dear Faculty and Staff Members:
Welcome to the Center for Career Development web site for faculty and staff. We value the important role you play here at The University of Scranton and appreciate the significance of the impact you have on our students. We created this web site for you to use as a quick reference to career related information for your own use or that of the students. If you have any questions or would like to talk with anyone of us, please call 941-7640. Thank you!


The Career Development Team

Lori Moran, Director - email
Melissa Przewlocki, Assistant Director - email
Stacey LaniewskiCareer Development Coordinator - email
Rose Jacklinski, Career Relations Manager - email

Jacob Gatto, Career Development and  Information Specialist - email
Adlin Barrish, Administrative Assistant - email


Contact Information:  
Location: Loyola Science Center, Linden Street, Scranton, PA
Telephone: 570-941-7640
Hours: Monday and Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Referring Students/Alumni

Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students to The Center for Career Development. We work with undergraduate and graduate students along with alumni. We can:

  • Help the student identify his or her interests, skills, and values including the use of career assessments, when appropriate. We use the Strong Interest Inventory and the Self-Directed Search.
  • Help the student explore possible careers related to his or her major
  • Assist with the internship search and preparation
  • Teach resume writing, cover letter writing, and interviewing skills
  • Critique resumes, cover letters, and other job search letters
  • Conduct videotaped mock interviews in 30-60-minute appointments
  • Help a student identify job search resources
  • Help the student learn and conduct an effective job search
  • Help the student find resources that could help them to apply to graduate and professional schools
In addition to a referral for use of our services, you can simply
  • Encourage students to make a scheduled appointment by calling 941-7640
  • Encourage students and alumni to register with our job, internship/resume database system
  • Encourage students to use our online resources for career planning (assessment tools), job search (resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job search strategies), and graduate/professional school application

Visit the following links for more helpful information:


  • Faculty members are always welcome to join our staff in meetings, lunches, or tours with employers visiting campus.
  • Encourage employers, possibly alumni, who may contact you directly, to participate in our recruiting program and to register with our job, internship/resume database system

Classroom Presentations
  • Request a presentation Some topics include: office services, career decision making, resume and cover letter writing, job search, interviewing but we can customize a presentation/program to meet your needs. We can come to your classroom or you can bring your class to our location. Whether you have 10 minutes or two hours, we would love the opportunity to talk with your students.
  • Don’t cancel your class. If you anticipate a need to cancel class, let us know and we may be available to visit your class and discuss a career related topic with your students.
  • Request a tour of The Center for Career Development.

Post Graduation Activities

  • Student Outcomes - Employment and Graduate Schools
  • Do you know where your students are? When we follow the successes of our graduates, we find that we can more effectively assist our current students with understanding career options. If you learn of the post graduation plans of a student, we would be grateful if you would share that information with us.

Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Hiring Practices 

Writing Reference Letters

Classroom Resources

Supplemental Instructional Materials

  • We have various printed one page handouts that you may want to use to supplement your class lectures. (The topics include applying to graduate school, on-site interviews, cover letters, resume preparation, making the most of jobs fairs, first year on the job, interview skills, dining etiquette,career planning for undecided students, and preparing your resume in electronic format)
Course Syllabus Ideas
  • When creating your syllabus, consider incorporating career-related information and assignments to your course. Example: assignments to do a resume or to complete a videotaped mock interview. Also, consider including some of our upcoming career events such as the annual dining etiquette program and the annual employment fair.

Specific Information about a variety of careers linked to certain majors

  • What Can I do with this Major?  From this page, select the major you are interested. Once you have selected the major, a PDF with career options can be found on the right side of the screen.
  • If you have career (employment and advanced education) information, publications, web links or other resources about your discipline that you think students would find helpful, we would be happy to share this with students.
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