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Implementation, Progress and Impact

Ongoing Evaluation and Renewal

The strategic planning lifecycle includes key milestones for measuring our progress and highlighting the plan's impact. Guided by a broad, adaptable Implementation Roadmap, we will define and monitor metrics, outcomes and assessment findings for the plan's goals and objectives to determine if they are complete/operationalized, active and maturing, if additional investment is required, or if the goal or objective itself needs to be reviewed or adjusted in some manner to address our changing needs.  These progress reviews will also help identify priorities or establish special focus areas. 

Progress & Impact Reporting

Strategic Plan implementation is a University-wide, community driven endeavor. In addition to institutional priorities and focus areas, each academic and administrative area is tasked with identifying ways in which they can support the plan's goals, and they share the outcomes of this work via an established Annual Planning and Reporting Cycle.  In addition, institution-level data, assessments, and outcomes are tracked by the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. Operational reports are reviewed on a regular basis by the University Planning Committee and others to assure we remain on track, or make adjustments to our course as needed. Read about our progress to-date, here

Priority: Diversity and Inclusion Planning

The Strategic Plan outlines our shared commitment to diversity and inclusion, that we together: " reflect and understand the diversity of the world by demanding that diversity be a priority as we build an inclusive community and campus culture, develop and deliver our education and shape our student experience." One of the primary objectives for this goal is the development of a comprehensive, University-wide plan for diversity and inclusion. Internal assessment, discussion, and analysis to build this plan took place during the spring and summer 2021, with a final draft plan presented to campus in fall 2021. The final plan was approved by the President's Cabinet and Board of Trustees in February 2022. Click here to read more about this collaborative effort.banner-new-strategic-plan-1280x533.jpg

Priority: Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

The Strategic Plan’s Faith, Passion, Purpose goal includes an objective that addresses our intentions to "engage every Scranton student in understanding contemporary issues of social justice and environmental sustainability in both curricular and co-curricular programming, preparing them as ethical leaders and advocates for positive change in the ‘care of our common home’.” As our plan evolves over time, we see this as not only an important area of student engagement, but a University-wide imperative.  Building upon current efforts within the Office of Sustainability, we are now poised to expand our commitment to environmental justice and ecological sustainability and stewardship in a more collaborative way across the institution by becoming a Laudauto Si' institution.  Since spring 2023, members of the University community have been working together to build a seven year action plan that address the seven areas of focus of the Laudauto Si’ initiative. Read more about Pope Francis' vision for Laudauto Si', and the University's action plan, here.