Royals Safe Together

Guidelines for University Travel

International Travel

  • Study Abroad: No students will study abroad for the spring semester.
  • University-Sponsored Travel: All University-sponsored international travel remains suspended, including faculty-led study abroad and international and domestic service trips. No international travel should be planned or scheduled.

Domestic Travel

University-sponsored domestic travel is prohibited in areas of the country experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases and should be limited to essential trips in all other areas.

Travelers and travel sponsors (i.e., the department or divisional unit funding/supporting a trip) must review each proposed domestic trip to decide if it is essential using best judgment to balance the benefits of travel with health and safety considerations and must receive approval for plans from their divisional vice president (staff) or dean (faculty).

Consider the following when making these determinations:

  • Is the travel required to fulfill a critical research, teaching, legal, or compliance obligation?
  • Is the travel necessary to meet a graduation requirement?
  • Can the travel occur later?
  • Is there a substitute to in-person travel such as a virtual option?Can someone else at the travel destination perform the activity?
  • Can the travel be accomplished safely and in compliance with local public health requirements at the destination and when returning to Pennsylvania from that destination?

Personal Travel

  • Domestic Travel: The CDC and Pennsylvania recommend against any non-essential domestic travel. For this reason, the University discourages unnecessary travel.
  • International Travel: The University encourages members of the community to avoid any unnecessary international travel. As travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19, the CDC recommends avoiding all non-essential travel to global destinations.