Royals Safe Together

Technology Support

In addition to providing call-in (570-941-4357) and email ( support, and entering a ticket in Royal IT Support via the My Scranton portal, the Technology Support Center offers the ability to schedule an appointment to ensure safety in providing in-person services.

Royal Card

A Royal Card Online Photo submission process has been launched for all incoming students and new employees.

This new process allows students and employees to upload a passport style picture and submit it online to have the Technology Support Center (TSC) print it on their Royal Card. It is anticipated that this process will be available to all students, faculty and staff this fall. For more information, visit here.

On-Site Computer Equipment Troubleshooting

In providing on-site (office, classroom, event) troubleshooting, repairs and assistance, IT staff members will adhere to the following protocol:
  • Determine if the service can be performed remotely.
  • Request the faculty/staff to clean their equipment prior to the scheduled appointment or classroom visit.
  • The IT staff member and faculty/staff requesting the service will wear face covering.
  • The IT staff member will request the individual to maintain social distancing.
    • If the equipment is in a small area, such as an individual office, the individual should leave.
    • If the request is made during class time, the faculty member should maintain social distancing.
    • If the request is in a classroom or common space, the service should be performed when the area is at minimal occupancy.
  • If possible, IT staff members may use their own support device (mouse, keyboard).
  • The IT staff member will wipe the outer surface of the device, ensuring the minimum contact time is met.
  • The IT staff person will take precautions to not contact other surfaces in the area.
  • After the service activity is completed, the IT staff person will immediately sanitize their hands, or proceed directly to a restroom to wash their hands.
Please note: This protocol will add additional time to providing on-site support. Your patience is appreciated.