Campus Health and Safety

Residence Life

General Mask Information

Face Coverings in Residence Halls

  • Masks are not required when students are in their assigned residence (room, suite, or apartment) and the only other person(s) present is their assigned roommate(s) or registered overnight guests. Residents in apartments are permitted to remove masks within other areas of their apartment so long as only residents who share the apartment or registered overnight guests are present.

  • Outside of individual spaces, in other areas of the residence halls (e.g., common spaces, hallways, bathrooms), students who are vaccinated as well as those who are exempt from being vaccinated must adhere to the University’s Mask Status as published on the Royals Back Together website.

Residence Hall Guests

At this time, only vaccinated persons are permitted to stay overnight in University residence halls. Hosts will be required to register overnight guests through a process outlined by the Office of Residence Life. Guests are required to follow the same guidelines for masks as their host when in shared areas of a campus residence hall. Unless otherwise agreed upon by roommates, registered guests are not required to wear a mask when in the room where the guest is hosted.