Royals Safe Together

Responding to a Resurgence of COVID-19

Isolated Cases Within the University Community

The University has established the following protocols to address isolated positive cases of COVID-19 on campus:


Students who are on campus and have symptoms of COVID-19 or with known or suspected exposure to the virus should contact Student Health Services by phone at (570) 941-7667.


An employee who tests positive for COVID-19, has COVID-19 related symptoms, or was exposed to another person suspected of or testing positive for COVID-19 must not be at work and must report this information to the Office of Human Resources at or (570) 941-7767. If an employee notifies their supervisor or Dean, the supervisor or Dean must report this information to HR as soon as possible, so that appropriate information can be shared with the employee and, if needed, contact tracing can take place

The Universitys Pandemic Safety Officer maintains a comprehensive accounting of all active cases on campus in cooperation with Student Health Services and Human Resources.

Broader Community Spread

The University will continue to monitor the spread of the virus, especially within the broader region, and will respond accordingly.

Any additional institutional actions, including decisions related to campus closure, will be informed by this ongoing assessment and by guidance or directives from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.