Royals Safe Together

Other Course Types

Laboratory Courses

Students enrolled in laboratory courses must follow all posted requirements for social distancing and personal protective equipment.

Off-Campus Clinical Coursework

Undergraduate, graduate and graduate clinical coursework in off-campus locations will be permitted with the cooperation and permission of external partners. Clinical instruction must be conducted in compliance with Pennsylvania’s guidance for “Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Training Programs and Testing”.

Off-Campus Internships and Community-Based Learning


  • In-person internships at off-campus locations are not permitted in the fall semester.
  • Students are encouraged to identify virtual internship opportunities in cooperation with their academic advisor and with the Roche Center for Career Development.

Community-Based Learning

  • To mitigate the risk of community spread, community-based learning (CBL) activities in a face-to-face format at off-campus agencies are not permitted in the fall semester.
  • The CBL component of an academic course can continue remotely, including as part of community-based programs conducted virtually and/or research or project-based activities undertaken with a partner community agency in ways that continue to meet both student learning goals and community-defined needs.