Campus Health and Safety

Academic Affairs


  • Instructors can continue to require that well-fitted, higher-grade masks or double masks be worn in instructional spaces (e.g. classrooms, laboratories). No explanation is required.

Classroom Setup

  • All classrooms and study spaces are in a pre-pandemic configuration /capacity with no minimum social distancing requirements.

Classroom Health & Safety

  • High-touch areas of classrooms and laboratories are cleaned at an increased frequency, and hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are available should students or faculty wish to wipe down desks or tables before or after use.


  • In-person student internships are permitted on- and off-campus. Students must follow pandemic safety protocols as required by their internship host site.

Community-Based Learning

  • Community-Based Learning courses and related projects are permitted in-person and off-campus at community agencies and sites. Participants must abide by any agency COVID protocol. Community partners/leaders can join CBL courses on campus and in-person for presentations, talks, etc.
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