Annual Report Help

Technology Support Center (TSC)

For questions related to access, navigation, system requirements, editing content, printing, or other technical issues.

Email:, or call 941-4357

Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Office

For questions related to the content areas of the system, including guidance on what should be entered as objectives, accomplishments, and linking content to the strategic or tactical plans.  Questions about the Annual Report cycle, including timelines, submission, and accessing information within the Annual Report System.

email:, or call 941-6567


For questions related to sections requesting budget & resoruce requests.

Budget: email:, or call 941-4072 

Information Technology: email, or call 941-7228

Office of Institutional Research

For University or departmental data.

email:, or call 941-6592

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

For questions about the Faculty Scholarly Activities section of the Academic Annual Report.

email:, or call 941-6353

Student Learning Assessment Support

In 2014, the University created a new Office of Educational Assessment (OEA) to support faculty and others involved in the assessment of student learning outcomes in concert with the University’s Comprehensive Plan for Student Learning Assessment. The OEA has since worked with each college to develop new assessment reporting processes for academic programs.  Although the Assessment Activities and Assessment Plans sections remain as options within the Annual Report System, departments and programs are to follow OEA guidance on where to submit assessment data each year. 

If you have questions about academic program, general education, or institutional learning outcomes assessment reporting, contact:

Dr. Mary Jane K. DiMattio, Director, Office of Educational Assessment

email: or call 941-7628

If you have questions regarding assessment activities within your College, contact:

College of Arts & Sciences: Rebecca Haggerty,, or call 941-4399

Kania School of Management: Murli Rajan,, or call 941-4208

Panuska College of Professional Studies: Ray Schwenk,, or call 941-4252

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