Publications 7 Easy Steps

Getting Your Project Started - and Finished!

7 Easy Steps

7 steps


  1. Plan ahead. Marketing Communications staff complete more than 400 projects each year. Each is important, and we want to be able to meet your needs. Please allow us to best serve you by providing us with advance notice of your project and sufficient time to complete design work.
  2. Use the Publications Checklist as a resource in planning your publication. Answer as many questions as you can on this form: it will help to define your project.
  3. Contact Valarie Clark to request a project planning and intake meeting. During the intake meeting, we work with you to establish goals and the overall look and feel of your publication. We will also discuss the specifics of design and print production, including a project timeline. You will be asked to prepare text for your publication and to provide us with approved text before moving into the design phase.


  1. Based on our discussions, we’ll identify the next steps required to take the project into the design phase. This will include selection of photos from our photo library, or the identification of custom photography needs.
  2. Once a design proof is available, it will be sent to you for review. Please carefully review the design and all text for accuracy. Mark clearly in ink on the proof any changes and return the proof. You will then see another proof with one further opportunity to make changes. In order to keep your job on schedule, please make every attempt to limit changes to the first two proofs. Additional changes after the second proof may result in delays in the project.

Printing and Mailing

  1. When the final design proof is approved, you will need to sign and return it to Marketing Communications. We will provide the graphic files and printing requisition to Printing Services.
  2. Printing Services provides you with a production proof before printing, and handles the printing, delivery and/or mailing of the finished pieces.
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