Higher brain center control of motor function


 While responses such as the startle escape response (goldfish and zebrafish) and tail flip escape response in crayfish are very repeatable they do show plasticity. These escape responses are good for investigation of the underlying neural circuitry and biochemistry.

Telencephalic Modification of the Goldfish Startle Escape Response

Using goldfish as the preparation, the lab has worked on a hypothesis that the startle response which is mediated by the Mauthner cell (M-cell) can be modulated by an upstream higher brain center in the telencephalon of the fish. This area is homologous with the hippocampus and amygdala of mammals.

Using zebrafish to study mechanisms of depression

Neural Basis of Visually Guided Behavior in the Frog


faculty/waldeckr/documents/Neural Basis of Visually Guided Behavior in the Frog
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