Chemistry 571L syllabus

Instructor: Joe A. Vinson, Ph.D., Office, Loyola Science Center 492, (570) 941-7551, Available at all times when not in class.

Textbooks and supplies: Laboratory Manual Handout, Laboratory Notebook (8½ x 11" with carbon paper) - Bookstore, Laboratory Coat, Laboratory Goggles


You will be required to do 9 experiments, 8 of which will be graded. The format of the experiments is as follows:

  1. Prepare standard of known concentration by weighing or pipetting and diluting to a known volume in a volumetric flask.
  2. Bring standards to TA for preparation of an unknown standard.
  3. Obtain unknown samples.
  4. Calibrate instrument by using a standard curve.
  5. Analyze standards and samples.
  6. Calculations
  7. Grading (usual distribution)
    • 6pts. Accuracy
    • 3pts. Precision
    • 1pt. Write-up

The laboratory notebooks are the only paper on which you will write your experimental work including calculations, procedures, etc. The TA will sign the last written page at the end of the laboratory period. The blue copy along with a completed cover sheet (stapled) will be due 1 week after completion of the experimental work. There will be a final examination at the end of the course worth 20 points.

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