Conservation Biology

Biol 274

I teach Conservation Biology lecture and am planning to develop a laboratory course in the near future.  Go here to see an example lecture syllabus. 

Conservation Biology is a multidisciplinary field that seeks to identify, understand and counter threats to the earth’s biodiversity.  This course provides students with an understanding of conservation-related issues ranging from recognition of threats to biodiversity to preserve selection, design and management.  Conservation Biology fulfills a Population requirement for Biology Majors and is taught every other spring, alternating with Vertebrate Biology. Three hours lecture.

This course is designed for biology and environmental science majors.  As such, students require a basic understanding of biology and thus need to have taken Biology 141 and 142.  While the course is taught at the introductory level, it integrates a broad array of biological topics e.g., evolution, ecology, behavior, genetics.

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