Clinical Health Psychology Research Team


Research Team 2014-2015:
Natalia Juscinska, Michael Su, Jacqulyn Cavanaugh, Dr. Arigo, James Moran, Olivia Pappas, Sara Chapin

The Clinical Health Psychology Research Team at The University of Scranton designs and implements projects that:

(1) Improve our understanding of health and illness, and
(2) Improve health promotion, illness prevention, and treatment efforts for existing health conditions.

Specific areas of interest are social influences on health and health behavior (such as eating and exercise behavior), chronic illness self-management, women's health, and body image/eating disorders.

Read our Research Blog: - recent series on #fitspiration

Find us on Twitter: @UofSHealthPsych

Hear Dr. Arigo discuss social influences on body image and eating behavior:                                                                                                 SuperHuman Radio; January 21, 2015 *starts at 1:32:50

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