Nicholas Ranieri, CPA '76

The Boeing Company, Philadelphia, PA
I give to Scranton because the education I received continues to make me feel special.

You have to remember where you have been in life in order to know where you are going.  I decided to attend my 30th reunion and even though I hadn't attended reunion since my first one, I never forgot the University. While on campus, I was asked if I would have my picture taken because I had given to the University every year since graduation. Boy, did I feel special!  It didn't matter how much I gave; it only mattered where I had spent my formative years. 

Please don't forget the University. The contribution you make to Scranton helps others to know where they are going. The education that I received continues to make me feel special. 

Let the University help others to make a difference by providing a Jesuit education to students in their formative years.

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