Clare Devine '08


I choose to support Scranton because Scranton supported me.

The experiences and lessons learned in the classroom, through athletics, and in moments of leadership and prayer will forever be in my heart. I choose to support the University to sustain that "special feeling" a high school senior receives when they visit campus and feel an inherent calling to "The U." I choose to support Scranton to ensure each graduating Royal walks across the stage thanking God for bringing them to our University and for the fire burning in their hearts ignited by the friendships and bonds formed here.

Our students, alumni, staff and community are purpose-driven and change the world in which they live. My Scranton family members, friends and teammates, who are true men and women for others within their vocations and relationships, amaze me. The University provided each of us a place to challenge and expand our mind, body and spirit through numerous avenues and opportunities.

In Brennan Hall, you can’t miss seeing the verse from Luke 12:48 stating, "Of those to whom much is given, much is expected." Not only do I feel indebted for the formation received, but I am also excited for the potential and hope alive in Scranton’s today and tomorrow. Although I wish I could give a sizable donation to the University, I am unable as a young alumna. But I trust in the adage that many hands make light work. While we are encouraged to "go forth and set the world on fire," we must always remember those who have kindled our flame on our path toward reaching our potential. We must support our foundation to help enable the continued impact of our ever-unfolding "Miracle in the Mountains."

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