William G. Connolly ‘59

Senior Editor (Retired), The New York Times

I give to Scranton because Scranton gave generously to me.

It gave to me financially, with a scholarship. It gave to me intellectually by introducing me to philosophy, political science and (not least) journalism. It gave by widening my world, whisking me to such exotic places as Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington. It gave by encouraging me to believe that I could flourish in a world beyond the mines and the mountains.
Scranton gave much to me, so I must give to Scranton. I must pay off that scholarship. I must assure that if there's a kid in the crooks and crannies of Dunmore or Dickson City or Duryea who yearns to make a mark in Philadelphia that it can happen. Scranton can do that for lots of kids ... if everybody gives.

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