Eileen J. Cleary '82 &
Jacqueline A. Cleary Urbano '87

Eileen (left), Co-Chairman, Director of Finance & Operations and Jacquie (right), Co-Chairman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Atlas Data Systems, Westfield, NJ

We give to Scranton because it's a way to express our appreciation.

We are deeply appreciative not only for what The University of Scranton has done for us, but also for what it has done for our whole family.  We, along with our two brothers, Jim '85 and John '89, are four of eight children in our family who graduated from the University.  We would not have been able to attend Scranton without the financial assistance that the University offered to each of us.  Now that we are able to "give back," it seems natural for us to support our alma mater.

Today, all of us are managing our own businesses, and we often reflect on how our Jesuit education and our Scranton experience have helped shape our careers and our lives. 

If our donations can impact the life of a student in need or shape someone else's family, then we only hope that they would also grow to appreciate all that the University has done for them, and in turn, give back, too.

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