Student Interaction

Student Networking Trips

Regional Networking Trips

The PBC Office organizes four Student Networking Trips throughout the academic year to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C..  The networking trips are coupled with PBC receptions to provide students with the opportunity to interact with alumni to further enhance their "soft skills" of professional development.

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PBC / Kania SOM Career Coaches

The PBC offers a Mentoring Program for students enrolled in the Kania School of Management.  The program is open to interested Juniors who are matched with PBC Members for two years. Mentors volunteer their time and expertise by sharing their experiences from the business world as the student considers internship and career opportunities.  Contact the PBC Office for more information on becoming a mentor.  PBC/ Kania SOM Career Coaches

Internship and Career Placement

The PBC provides assistance to current and prospective Members seeking Scranton students for internship and career opportunities within their organizations.  PBC Members have been very helpful in facilitating internships and job placements.  With the new focus on growing and improving communication with Members, the PBC will introduce new initiatives on encouraging interns or new hires.

On-Campus Opportunities

President's Business Council Days are on-campus events designed as an educational and interactive opportunity for students and faculty, and a networking opportunity for PBC Members. The Executive-in-Residence Program invites PBC members to campus for a half- or full-day to share their personal and professional experiences with students in the Business Leadership Program and in the entire Kania School of Management. These interactions prove invaluable to students and have been rewarding as well for the PBC Member.

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