Alumni Small-Business Directory

Developed to foster support for entrepreneurial alumni, the Alumni Small-Business Online Directory generates ways to help alumni-owned businesses grow.

If you are a Scranton graduate and you own a business, you can complete this online form to submit your business’ information.

For questions regarding this initiative, contact The Office of Alumni Engagement at



Businesses in this directory have each been validated as a University of Scranton alumni-owned business. Participation is voluntary and information included within the directory has been supplied directly by individual business owners. Inclusion in this directory does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, guarantee or approval of the business by The University of Scranton or The University of Scranton Alumni Society. Neither The University of Scranton nor The University of Scranton Alumni Society is liable for any issues with purchases or business interactions which result from the use of this directory. The University and/or the Alumni Society may in its sole discretion reject or remove any business listing at any time with or without notice. Use of The University of Scranton and University of Scranton Alumni Society names, logos, and registered trademarks by businesses is prohibited without specific written approval.

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