Weinberg Judaic Studies Institute


Elie Wiesel, "Reconciliation: Is It Possible, Is It Desirable?". University of Scranton Judaic Studies lecture, Fall 1987

Norman Podhoretz, "Israel-Diaspora Relations". University of Scranton Judaic Studies lecture, April 25, 1995

Irving Greenberg, "A New Encounter of Judaism and Christianity"

Charles Silberman, "The Jews in America." University of Scranton Judaic Studies lecture, Spring 1986

David N. Myers, "Only in America? Religion, State and a Hasidic Town in Rural New York"

"Does the Hebrew Bible Have a Unique Philosophy?" - Dru Johnson, Ph.D.

Torture: Is It Always Immoral? - Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, Professor Stephen Casey, and Rabbi Aryeh Klapper

"From American Soldier to Nazi Slave Laborer" - Robert R. Max

"The New Anti-Semitism" by Alvin Rosenfeld

 "Jews, American Popular Culture and the Politics of Identity," Dr. Matt Sienkiewicz

"Israel: Dangers and Opportunities in the Days Ahead" by Bret Stephens

“From Vienna to Omaha Beach” Weinberg Judaic Studies Institute Lecture - Edmund Rosenblum

The Church and the Jews: Fifty Years Since Vatican II - David Berger, Philip Cunningham

An American Soldier During the Holocaust - Abraham Plotkin

Isadore Twersky, "Rationality and Spirituality: Perspectives on Maimonides"

Julius Lester, "Black-Jewish Relations" 

Shlomo Avineri, "Shifts in the Balance of Power in the Middle East and New Opportunities for Peace"

Deborah Lipstadt, "Holocaust Denial Theories"

Jack Bemporad: "Catholic-Jewish Relations in the Twentieth Century"

Susan Shapiro and David Tracy, "The Naming of God" 

Dr. Zev Eleff, "Dyed in Crimson - Football, Faith, Antisemitism, and the American Dream"


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