Henry George Fall Lectures

Year/Link to the speech Speaker Institution Note
2023 Robert Feenstra UC Davis

The C. Bryan Cameron Distinguished Chair Professor in Economics

2022 Parag Pathak M.I.T.

The Class of 1922 Professor of Economics at MIT and founder and director of MIT's Blueprint Labs. John Bates Clark Medal (2018)

2020 Yuliy Sannikov Stanford University

Jack Steele Parker Professor of Economics. Fischer Price (2015). John Bates Clark Medal (2016)

2019 Kevin Murphy University of Chicago George J. Stigler Distinguished Service Professor of Economics. John Bates Clark Medal (1997)
2018 Dave Donaldson M.I.T. Professor of Economics. Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. John Bates Clark Medal (2017)
2017 David Autor M.I.T. Ford Professor in the MIT Department of Economics, co-director of the NBER Labor Studies Program, and co-leader of both the MIT Work of the Future Task Force and the JPAL Work of the Future experimental initiative
2016 David Card University of California, Berkeley Class of 1950 Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley and Director of the Labor Studies Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research, John Bates Clark Medal  (1995)
2015 Susan Athey Stanford University The Economics of Technology Professor. John Bates Clark Medal  (2007)
2014 Philippe Aghion Harvard University Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics, Harvard University. Start from 2015, Aghion moved to London School of Economics. He is now Centennial Professor at LSE. Receipient of Yrjo Jahnsson Award of the best European economist (2001) and John Von Neumann Award (2009).
2013 John List University of Chicago

The Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor, Kenneth Galbraith Award (2010)

2012 Edward Glaeser Harvard University Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics
2011 Daron Acemoglu MIT Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics, John Bates Clark Medal (2005)
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