"A Good Farmer" - Academic Theatre Program/University Players


The Academic Theatre Program/University Players are thrilled to announce a recently added theatre offering for the Spring semester, A Good Farmer by Sharyn Rothstein. Dramatist Play Service describes the play as "A moving drama, laced with humor and heartache, A Good Farmer is the story of two women-a farm owner and her unlikely best friend, an undocumented Mexican immigrant-fighting to survive in a small town divided by America's immigration battle. With rich, complicated roles for women, A Good Farmer is a play about love, friendship and finding the power to face what divides us." The play is being produced in collaboration with and through the generosity of Fr. Pat Rodgers and the Jesuit Center and is being directed by longtime collaborator, Guest Director Bob E. Gasper (Carrie, The Musical, columbinus, Speech and Debate, The Chairs, A Year with Frog and Toad, among others). Performance dates are February 25-27 and March 4-6 in the Royal Theatre, F/S @ 8PM and SU @ 2PM.  


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