Careers in Theology/Religious Studies

"But what can I do with a major in Theology? . . ."

Students who have graduated with a BA in Theology in the last 10 years are now serving in

  • parishes, as pastor, assistant pastor, rector, director of religious education, disabilities director, music ministry
  • high schools, as campus minister, teacher of religion, English, science, etc.
  • colleges, as campus minister, administrator
  • hospitals, as pastoral outreach coordinator, orthopedic surgery resident
  • retreat work
  • social service agencies, as counselor, director, literacy caseworker
  • business, as marketing manager, financial services representative

Many are continuing their study of theology in MA and Ph.D. programs as well as seminaries across the country. Others are pursuing advanced studies in

  • medicine
  • law
  • counseling
  • art history
  • clinical psychology
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