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Education Department

What We Do:

The Mission of the Education Department at The University of Scranton is to prepare students for successful employment and/or for the pursuit of advanced degrees in a variety of education related fields.

Rooted in the Ignatian pedagogical tradition of preparing men and women to be for and with others, and building upon a solid liberal arts foundation, faculty assist future teachers and educational leaders in developing the knowledge, skills, and methods necessary for collaborating with schools and communities to enhance the human prospect and realize a more just world.


How We Stand Out:

  • Liberal Arts Foundation
  • Commitment to Service
  • Jesuit Principles of Education
  • Ongoing Training in PreK-12 Classrooms 
  • Accessible and Experienced Professors 
  • Small Class Sizes


Undergraduate Degree Options:

Bachelor of Science in Education

Upon satisfactory completion of all degree/program requirements and Pennsylvania Department of Education certification requirements students are eligible for Pennsylvania State teacher certification.  NOTE: Certification requirements may change at the discretion of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.   

 Minor in Educational Studies

 Graduate Degree Options:

 Accelerated MS Degree Programs are also available.

 Certifications in:

  • Instructional I (Elementary, Middle, High School, Special Education K-12)

Note: Graduates of the University of Scranton’s teacher education programs may be eligible for certifications offered by other states.  Pennsylvania has signed an Interstate Agreement through the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification which facilitates certification in other states.  States’ requirements vary and are subject to change without notice, therefore; it is strongly recommended that students who wish to obtain certification in a state other than Pennsylvania, obtain certification requirements for the state(s) in which they wish to pursue certification by reviewing the respective state department of education’s website(s). We encourage you to contact the appropriate state licensing agency to seek guidance and verify requirements before beginning a program and during your program of study. 

Meet Our Faculty:

Graduating students cite “excellent professors” as one of the greatest strengths of the undergraduate education program.

Our experienced and caring professors serve as role models to future teachers through small class settings, research collaborations, and informal advising.

Dr. Maria Oreshkina

Dr. Maria Oreshkina


Associate Professor; Chair, Director of Graduate Programs

M.S., Moscow State Pedagogical University
Candidate of Pedagogical Science, Moscow State Pedagogical University
Ph.D., The University of Tennessee

Phone: 570-941-6244
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Dr. Jennifer Kaschak

Dr. Jennifer Kaschak

Associate Professor

B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University
M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ph.D., Columbia University

Phone: 570-941-4032
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Dr. Tata Mbugua

Dr. Tata Mbugua


B.A., Nairobi University
M.A., Ph.D., Ohio University

Phone: 570-941-5884
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Inside the Classroom:

Our curriculum is complemented by hands-on field experience and student-teaching placements, an emphasis on teaching with technology, and service-learning and professional development opportunities influenced by our Jesuit tradition.

  • Training in a variety of teaching approaches
  • New and emerging technologies are used to enhance learning
  • Seminar groups during student teaching
  • Students learn theoretical and practical information, from writing lesson plans through evaluating student success

Hands-On Experience:

We collaborate with multiple local school districts, as well as private schools and day care centers, to provide exceptional placements for our students. As early as freshman year, students can gain field experience observing and working in classrooms. 

A semester of student teaching allows students to put their learning to the test, working in a real classroom alongside professional teachers. 

Career Outcomes:

Scranton education graduates are ready to TEACH! Some of the areas in which alumni are working include:

  • Pre-school programs
  • Public schools
  • Private or parochial schools
  • Online schools

Graduates have been hired for positions including:

  • Teacher
  • Cruise Ship Childcare Director
  • Online School Teacher
  • AmeriCorps Employee
  • Teach for America Instructor
  • Child Advocacy Law
  • Operation Teach


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