Biology Portfolio Checklist

What is the Checklist and Why Do I Need It?

The biology curriculum includes specific goals or learning outcomes that the student will accomplish in completing the biology degree. To ensure that students are aware of those outcomes and stay on track with completing them successfully, the major incorporates the Biology Portfolio Checklist.

The Portfolio Checklist describes the biology learning outcomes and provides a mechanism for the student and the Academic Advisor to track and document successful completion of those learning outcomes.

Each semester, when you meet with your Academic Advisor for pre-registration advising, review your progress on the learning outcomes and update your plan for their successful completion by your anticipated graduation date.

Each biology major is required in their final semester to enroll in BIOL 479 (Portfolio Completion).

A passing grade in this zero-credit course is required to earn a degree in biology.

To earn a passing grade in BIOL 479, the student must submit to the biology department chair a fully completed version of the Portfolio Checklist, signed by the student and the Academic Advisor, that indicates how each learning outcome has been completed and provides the required documentation.

Download the most current version of your Portfolio Checklist

From time to time, the requirements and rules pertaining to the Portfolio Checklist may change. However, the version of the Portfolio Checklist that guides and governs your completion of the Biology learning outcomes is the version that was in effect when you matriculated – became a full-time student - at The University of Scranton.

Use the link below to download a copy of the current version of the portfolio.

Biology Portfolio Checklist for students matriculating Fall 2023 or later (V5.4.2023)

When new mechanisms for completing a Biology learning outcome are adopted (such as when a new course is created or an existing course is revised), those changes will be reflected in a revised version of your Portfolio Checklist. You will always be able to find the most up-to-date version of your Portfolio Checklist here, with the version number listed in the link and in the document footer. 

Check back here periodically to ensure that you have the latest version of your Portfolio Checklist.

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