Dr. Christine Courtois

Dr. Christine Courtois, ABPP is a board certified Counseling Psychologist and specialist in the treatment of adults who have suffered childhood sexual trauma.  

On April 10, 2019, Dr. Courtois, with guest speaker David Nolan, presented to the University Community a lecture on Clergy Sexual Abuse & Betrayal Trauma:  Facing the Harm & Facilitating Healing

She has published and/or co-published the following books: 

It's Not You, It's What Happened to You:  Complex Trauma and Treatment by Christine A. Courtois

Recollections of Sexual Abuse:  Treatment Principles and Guidelines by  Christine A. Courtois

Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy for Trauma  Edited by Donald F. Walker, Christina A. Courtois and Jaime D . Aten

Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders in Children and Adolescents:  Scientific Foundations and Therapeutic Models  Edited by Julian D Ford and Christine A Courtois

Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders:  An Evidence Based Guide  Edited by Julian D Ford and Christine A Courtois

Treatment of Complex Trauma:  A sequenced, Relationship-Based Approach co-authors  Christine A Courtois and Julian D. Ford



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