From Rick Malloy, S.J.

Rick Malloy, S.J.'s Father Pilarz memory His lively and wonderful mother Joan had a surprise for him after his first Mass. At the party after the Mass, she had the Ferko String band show up and play. Philadelphians and those from South Jersey will appreciate how great that is!

Scott Pilarz was a Jesuit who truly loved teaching and hanging out with students. And he loved "The Boss." Bruce Sprinsteen once said, "I think an audience always wants two things. They want to feel at home and they want to be surprised."

Scott always made us feel welcome and at home. And he, or his Dad, often pleasantly surprised us. When Scott was starting as an undergrad at Georgetown, his father stood up in front of everyone and asked the President of the University if Scott could bring his dog to school. Eventually, Scott did just that.

We can trust there will be bulldogs in heaven!
Requiesce in Pace.
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