From Michael Walton


I was hired to DJ the Presidents Undergraduate Reception back in 2009 and I wasn't sure what type of event it would turn out to be. As people started to dance and the dance floor got more and more crowded, I had a request to play "Rosalita by Bruce Springsteen" for Fr. Pilarz !!, at the time, I had not met him yet, but when the song started, someone came over and asked for my microphone for Fr.Pilarz. I thought that he was going to make an announcement or something, but then lo and behold, he started belting out the lyrics to the song as everyone crowded around him and cheered !! It really inspired everyone and it took the party to another level.

Needless to say, this became a regular occurrence at this event and the event became one of the the highlights for me at the University. I have performed at that event for over 10 years and no longer did they have to request "Rosalita", I just knew to play it and then I would seek out Fr. Pilarz in the crowd for him to sing it for everyone !!! I will always remember it and I will always play that song at every Presidents Undergraduate Reception in honor of Fr. Pilarz. Rock On !!!

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