From Griffin Lubba

Alumnus/a '19

 I never had the privilege to meet Father Pilarz, although I did shake his hand at graduation. He was one of those people whose mere presence left a lasting impact.

His reassuring voice of reason was a welcome return to campus the last few years. As someone who was a beneficiary of his tireless efforts to enhance the student experience, I am forever grateful for his leadership and vision. But more than that, I was struck by his humility and unending commitment to the betterment of the Scranton family.

The way he faced ALS with dignity and grace all while continuing to lead the university through unprecedented times was an inspiration to all. Father Pilarz had a gift for making others feel like he was speaking directly to them. His speeches left any student knowing that the university was in good hands. He will always be a revered and beloved member of our community.

As saddened as Scranton is today, it is consolation to think that Father Pilarz got to spend his final years at the place he loved so dearly. Scranton has been so lucky to have such a trusted individual leading the way for so many. It’s amazing how a man I never met has made such an enduring impression. God bless Father Pilarz and God bless the University of Scranton.

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