From Gina and Frank Marrazza


On behalf of the DiMedio/Marrazza family, we send our most beloved thanks for your being such a magnificent gift in our lives over the past decades! Your mom and dad started our family's love, and were the truest of friends to Grandmom and Grandpop Verdi, mom, dad, Aunt Rosie and Uncle Nick, and together, they/we stood by one another throughout the best of times, and those challenging/sad times. You were always there for us, Father Scott, and Frank and I were blessed by your gracious spirit in marrying us, baptizing Mia, and sharing such joyous times while in DC. We love you, and are so thankful for your including us in your extra-ordinary life. We will miss you so very much. Please rest now....and hoping you are reunited with all your/our family in Heaven!

Love always, Gina, Frank, family

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