From Brett Lubba

Alumnus/a '19

Father Pilarz came back to Scranton during my senior year at the U. He immediately gained the respect of the current students through his strong leadership and amazing ability to connect with people.

I did not personally know him but his battle with ALS hit particularly home for me as my own grandfather passed away from the dreaded disease. The way that Father Pilarz publicly faced that devastating diagnosis head on while continuing to lead the University in such challenging times is absolutely incredible.

He was one of those people in life that stop you in your tracks when you hear their voice. He was a master communicator and I always hung on to every word during his many eloquent speeches. I was thrilled to get to shake his hand as I walked across the stage at graduation. Scranton certainly had a good one and he will be greatly missed. God bless Father Pilarz and his family.

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