New Media

May 2018

11/8/2016 (DVD)
Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise (DVD)
Black Panther (DVD)
Genius. Season One, Einstein (DVD)
Hostiles (DVD)
Jazz (DVD)
Last Men in Aleppo (DVD)
The Man Who Invented Christmas (DVD)
Newtown (DVD)
Phantom Thread (DVD)
Quest: A Portrait of an American Family (DVD)
Roman J. Israel, Esq. (DVD)
War on the EPA (DVD)

Counseling and Human Services
Body Image for Boys (VOD)
The Work (DVD)

Weston Woods 50th Anniversary DVD Collection (DVD)
Maurice Sendak Library (DVD)
The Snowy Day and Other Caldecott Classics (DVD)

Faces Places / Visages Villages (DVD)
Hamlet (DVD)
Julius Caesar (DVD)
A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lord (DVD)
Macbeth (DVD)
Se7en (DVD)
Stagecoach (DVD)
Stagecoach (VOD)
Winchester (DVD)

Latin American Studies
Observando al Observador / Kidnapped by Kissinger (DVD)

Bloody Resolve (VOD)
A Class Divided (VOD)
Confinement: A Modern Retelling of The Yellow Wallpaper (VOD)
Our Fragile Planet (VOD)
Pharmacogenomics, Too Clean Kids, Chronic Illnesses, and More (VOD)

Political Science
The Forgiven (DVD)
The Green Prince / al-Amīr al-akhḍar (DVD)
Horses of God / Les chevaux de Dieu (DVD)
Last Days in Vietnam (DVD)
The Time that Remains / Aelzmen alebaqey (DVD)
Wolf / Theeb (DVD)

Cognitive-Behavioral Relapse Precention for Addictions (DVD)
Couples Therapy for Extramarital Affairs (DVD)

The Peacemaker (DVD)
A Wayfarer's Journey: Listening to Mahler (DVD)

The New Family (DVD)
The Power of Family: Types of Families and Family Development (DVD)

David the King (DVD)
Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World (DVD)

Women's Studies
Women's March: A Documentary Film about Democracy & Human Rights (DVD)

World Languages and Cultures
A Fantastic Woman / Una Mujer Fantastica (DVD)


April 2018

All The Money in the World (DVD)
Black Girl / La Noire de... (DVD)
Coco (DVD)
I Am Somebody: Three Films by Madeline Anderson (DVD)
Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (DVD)

Donald in Mathmagic Land (DVD)

Ben Hur: A Tale of Christ (DVD)
The Florida Project (DVD)
Jane (DVD)
Tempest (DVD)
The Tempest (DVD)
William Shakespeare's The Tempest (DVD)

Health Administration and Human Resources
HIPAA For Managers

Occupational Therapy
1000 to 1: The Cory Weissman Story (DVD)

Effective Communication in Business (VOD)
Jules and Jim (VOD)
Pather Panchali (VOD)
Making Light in Terezin (VOD)
Rashōmon (VOD)
Way of the Cross (VOD)
World War II for a New Generation (VOD)

Political Science
Divine Order / Die göttliche Ordnung (DVD)

Camelot (CD)

The Post (DVD)

Wonder (DVD)

World Languages and Cultures
Beauty and the Dogs / La Belle et la Meute (DVD)
The Luca Zingaretti Collection (DVD)
The Sleeping Voice / La voz dormida (DVD)