Scranton View

Economic & Community Impact


This report reviews both the quantitative and qualitative ways in which The University of Scranton makes a positive economic and community impact on the City of Scranton and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

-Most numbers, unless otherwise noted, are based on the 2012-2013 fiscal year ending May 31, 2013.

Economic and Community Impact: At a Glance

• Each year, the University offers more than 100 free events to the public.

• The University had a $270,112,367 regional economic impact in 2012-13 – $5.3 billion since 1980.

• Students spend an average of $1.4 million off campus each month.

• Community organizations held more than 5,000 events at the University since 2004.

• University employees and alumni make up 9% of the City’s workforce and nearly 1 in 10 City residents are students, alumni or employees.

• Last year, the University voluntarily contributed $175,000 to the City and $58,500 to Lackawanna County – $2.9 million & $1.4 million respectively since 1983.

• The University committed $3.16 million to beautify Mulberry Street.

• The Scranton Small Business Development Center provided 470 consulting hours to 95 clients in the City in 2012-13 with ten businesses started, 61.5 jobs created & 11 saved – since 1997.  Over 10,000 hours of small business consulting in the past 33 years.  

• 2,750 students contributed more than 175,000 hours of service in the region and beyond last year – 2 million service hours since 1997.

• Student, physician and nurse volunteers in the Leahy Clinic provide free healthcare services to Lackawanna County’s uninsured residents – 1,679 patients in 2012-13.

• The University has invested in more than 30 major construction projects since 1980.

• In 2012-13, the University awarded more than $55 million in student aid.