Bursting Our Political Bubbles

Spring Poster
Dialogue Session Dates, 6-8pm:
- Monday, March 26, Political Values
- Monday, April 9, Guns
- Wednesday, April 25, Immigration
Student participants are invited to engage and encounter each other’s experiences and political views – not debate or convince – through a structured dialogue session to build better understanding and seek areas of common ground. This civic engagement initiative, an outgrowth of meetings with colleagues at area colleges and universities post-election to build community in a political divided context, is supported by campus co-sponsors: The Jesuit Center, The Ellacuria Initiative, Center for Teaching and Learning (CTLE), Political Science Department, and the Office of Community and Government Relations together with Office of Equity and Diversity, Provost's Office, Division of Student Formation and Campus Life and faculty from academic departments, including Theology and Religious Studies, Psychology, English & Theatre, and the First-Year Writing Program. 

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, a significant majority of Americans – 86% – describe the country as more politically divided today than in the past. The dialogue session will consist of small break-out groups conducted in an atmosphere of attentive listening and honest sharing with the goal of building relationships and fostering civil discourse. This event is aimed at providing students with a venue to share the hopes, concerns, experiences and values that shape our political views.  

In The University of Scranton's Catholic and Jesuit tradition, rich resources for meaningful dialogue on difficult issues are found in the guidelines laid out in Ignatius Loyola’s advice to the Jesuits at the Council of Trent in 1546, which amount to an Ignatian Spirituality of Citizenship. The Jesuit tradition related to dialogue and citizenship was a key topic in the recent Conversations magazine.   

Students are strongly encouraged to attend at least 2 of the 3 sessions. 

Student attendees must register to participate by contacting 570-941-4419 or emailing jessica.durkin@scranton.edu.