Career Planning


What you can expect when seeing a career coach in the Center for Career Development.

Career Development

Career Development is a life-long process which involves a three step process: Discover, Test, and Choose. Experiences and insight influence the career decisions you make.

DISCOVER more about yourself and more about careers. 

TEST your self-knowledge against reality through courses, extra-curricular activities, informational interviews and work experiences including part-time, summer, internship, and full-time positions.

CHOOSE Make plans and implement choices that are consistent with your self-knowledge and the results of your testing.

Career Decision Making - Discernment Resources

As a Jesuit Career Center we want to help you make good career decisions and believe these resources can help you to learn the discernment model that is a part of the Ignatian tradition.

An Ignatian Framework for Making a Decision
A Way to Discern God’s Will
Presentation: The Ignatian Way: Decision Making
Being a Contemplative in Action: Steps to make discernment part of your everyday

Career Tests                     

Self Directed Search- by taking this 20 minute interest inventory and discussing the results with a career counselor in The Center for Career Development you can explore occupations that match your interests and abilities. Just call x7640 to set up an appointment to take the test in our office as part of the services we provide to students. If you are interested in taking the on-line version, please be aware that PAR, Inc. does not charge for you to take the test but there is a fee to receive your results.

If you wish to receive your results free of charge, call The Center for Career Development at 570-941-7640 before taking the test to receive your User ID and password.

Strong Interest Inventory - by taking this 30 minute interest inventory and discussing the computerized results with a counselor in The Center for Career Development you can identify occupations recommended for you to explore further. Click Here. (You must call 570-941-7640 for the login and password). For instructions to use the Strong Interest Inventory, click HERE.

Career Interests Game - Look for the link to the Career Interests Game.  This site was created by The Career Center at the University of Missouri and it includes a description of Holland's six people/work environment types. - This site can suggest six majors for you to think about based on information you enter about your interests and high school experience.  This site can also give you more information about what these majors are, what type of courses you would take to get a degree and what jobs are available to graduates with this major.

O*NET Skills Search

Personality Desk - Find Careers for Your Holland Code or Strong GOT

Values Inventory - from The University of Minnesota at Morris Career Center

Careeronestop - Interest Assessment - Find a career that matches your interest

Occupational Information

Career Exploration Links - Occupational - from University of California at Berkeley

Industry and Career Profiles - from

Major Resource Kits- By the University of Delaware, this is one of the best resources that links their academic majors to career paths and job titles.

O*NET Online - United States Department of Labor. Search by occupation or skills and learn about tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, work values, wages, and related occupations.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Includes nature of the work, training required, employment outlook, salary, related occupations - U.S. Department of Labor

Pathways After a College Degree - Looks at the estimated work-life earnings at each level of education from a bachelor’s on up, as well as work-life earnings among selected occupations at these different education levels.

Four Year Action Plans for The University of Scranton Students

A Four Year (and beyond) Plan to Career Success - from The Center for Career Development, The University of Scranton