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Publication Printing

Printing of publications generally involves different paper and more processes in preparation, reproduction and finishing than does Routine Duplicating.

Those planning to print publications should contact Printing Services as soon as possible to begin the planning process that is essential to producing a successful publication. We provide a full range of services, from graphic design through printing and mailing.

Because of the many variables in pre-press preparation, production and post-press processes, standard pricing of publications printing is impossible.  However:

  • Reference prices can be provided on request based on similar work previously completed.
  • Estimates can be provided when most major variables are known in advance but may vary 10-15% as the remaining variables are encountered.
  • Quotes will be provided when all variables are specified in advance.  Quotes are firm prices that cannot be altered within 30 days unless the original specifications are changed.

Changes made to copy and other materials after submission will probably result in delays and/or additional expenses. 

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