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Procedures, Guidelines & Payments

A request for services is normally initiated via a Printing Requisition signed by the person responsible for insuring that the product being provided complies with existing legal statutes and University policies and that funds are available to cover the expenses of manufacture.  Service can also be requested by:

  1. Completing any of the available on-line requisitions.
  2. Attaching materials to be duplicated to an e-mail that provides the information needed to complete the project, i.e., quantity, types of paper and ink to be used, account number to be charged, delivery instructions, bindery instructions, etc.

All expenses will be charged back to departments and other authorized users through the Treasurer’s Office or will be paid through Royal Card or cash.

Non-University projects are accepted from other non-profit organizations when resources can be devoted to their completion without negatively impacting University projects.  Payment can be made at the time of delivery via cash or Royal Card, or the customer can be invoiced for payment at the Treasurer’s Office.

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