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Hours and Mail

Hours of Operation

Counter services are available on the first floor of The DeNaplesCenter during the regular semesters on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The DeNaples Mailroom phone number is 570-941-4282.

The main Printing and Mailing Facility is located at 315 Jefferson Ave.  The staff can be contacted there from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. year round at 570-941-7492.

Payments for Postage and Other Services

 All postage is charged back to your department account number or collected in cash at the time of mailing.  Your department account number should appear on your envelopes; if it is not pre-printed on your envelopes, you should write the number there.  Bundled envelopes no imprinted with a budget number should be accompanied by a note indicating the budget to be charged. 

  • UPS, USPS Express, and FedEx charges, unless otherwise specified, will also be charged to your department account number.  All expenses except those for preparing bulk mailings are charged to the department 710723 (postage) line.  Expenses for preparing bulk mailings are charged to 710725.

Scheduling Large Bulk Mailings

Before a large bulk mailing (say, a thousand pieces or more) gets too far into the planning stage, you should consider including the Mail Center Manager in your discussions.  We can help ensure your mailing gets done in a cost effective and timely manner.  We need to make sure that sufficient labor is scheduled to process your mailing, and we need to make sure that there is sufficient postage on deposit with the Postal Service to cover the costs.

Mail trays are available for your use; call the Mail Center, and we’ll provide them for you.

Employee Personal Mail

As a courtesy, personal mail is handled along with University mail.  Outgoing personal mail should be sealed and must have the proper postage affixed.  While we’ll be glad to help you determine how much postage you need, we cannot run personal mail through the University’s mail meter.  Stamps may be purchased at The DeNaples Center counter.  Personal mail is delivered to the Post Office with University mails.

Delivery Guarantees

All incoming U.S. mail is taken to its destination the same day it arrives on campus.  All outgoing mail picked up on a scheduled run or taken to The DeNaples Center counter before 2:30 p.m. is delivered to the Post Office the same day.  All intra campus mail collected on one run is sorted and delivered on the next run.

Office Delivery and Pick Up Times

First Daily Run

First Run

First Run






Leahy Hall
    Student Affairs 10:20      Occupational Therapy 10:20
    University Ministries      Physical Therapy 10:25
    Student Activities  McGurrin Hall
     - Women's Center      CHS 10:30
     - CHEW      HAHR
     - Community Outreach        Nursing
    Bookstore      Counseling
    ARA Catering      CPS Advising
Nevils Hall      Education
     Dorm Maintenance 10:30      CPS Dean
     Athletics Hyland Hall
Wellness Center      Desktop Information
     Student Health 10:35 O'Hara Hall
Cizek      Annual Fund
     Career Services 10:40      Art, Music
Condron Hall      Development
     Res Life 10:40      Sociology
John Joyce Bldg:      Political Science
     Carpenter Shop 10:45      Foreign Language  
St Thomas      Graduate School
     Provost 10:50      Purchasing   
     Communications      Online 
     CTLE Cancer Institute 11:00
     Second Floor 600 Linden St 11:05
     Philosophy - Computer Science      SBDC
     History      Alumni Relations
     Theology      Public Relations
Byron Center 10:50
     Athletics & Exercise Science  
The Estate 11:00
Alumni Memorial Hall: 11:00
     VIP Planning
     Information Technology
     Systems & Software
     Equity & Diversity
     Research Services
Loyola Hall: 11:00
Scranton Hall 11:10
   Vice President's Office
Library 11:15
Campion Hall 11:15
St Thomas Hall 11:20
     Room 455
     Financial Aid
     Fellowship Programs
     Accounts Payable
     General Counsel
     Human Resources
Brennan Hall 11:30
McDade Building 11:35
Brennan Hall 11:40
Public Safety 11:45
ROTC 11:45
Smurfit Hall 11:50


Special Services

Certified Mail

Sending Postal Service Certified Mail provides you with proof of mailing.  A delivery record is maintained at the recipient’s post office for two years.  Certified Mail service is available only for First Class Mail.  No insurance coverage is provided.  A numbered label and completed receipt must be affixed.  Labels and forms are available from Mailing Services.  Costs of certification ($2.30) and Return Receipt ($1.75) plus postage will be charged to the department or can be paid by cash or Royal Card.

Return Receipts

A signed receipt is your proof of delivery of Certified Mail, if it is returned to us.  The Return Receipt identifies the article number, the person who signed for it, and the date that it was delivered.  Be certain to identify your department on any rturn receipt so we can route the receipt back to you.

Courier mail

Courier Mail (UPS, FedEx, USPS Express) is accountable by airbill number.  We maintain internal delivery records for six months by name, department, airbill or courier. 

Packages, Courier Mail Delivery 

Packages and other courier mail delivered via USPS, FedEx, or UPS for employees are delivered with the scheduled mail runs.

Packages and other courier mail for students are held at The DeNaples Center facility for pickup.  Students are notified by e-mail and by a card in their mailboxes when they have packages to be picked up.  Royal Card must be presented to retrieve student packages.

Business Reply and Courtesy Reply Mail

Two forms of reply mail are commonly used by offices to facilitate responses from off-campus constituents.  Business Reply offers a postage-paid envelope to those responding, while Courtesy Reply offers a pre-addressed envelope to which respondents must apply postage.  Both involve pre-printing envelopes to precise Postal Service specifications, so time should be allotted for design and review before printing and mailing.

Business Reply (Within the USA only)

Business Reply Mail (BRM) is normally used for returning mail that has high value to the University such as contracts, surveys, orders, applications, etc. The Post Office charges a $.10 fee plus normal First Class postage for each piece returned.

Courtesy Reply mail envelopes that are pre-printed to specifications should generate faster service with fewer opportunities for Postal Service sorting errors or misrouting.

Standard (formerly Third Class Bulk) Mail

The University saves several hundred thousand dollars a year by using its Standard Mail privilege.  However, to retain its permit, the University must comply perfectly with a host of regulations that are far too complex for most casual users to remember and follow correctly.

Standard Mail is the U.S. Postal Service’s less expensive, slower alternative to making deliveries via First class mail to addresses in the United States.  Because the mailer does the sorting, bundling, and bagging of the pieces and accepts a lower priority on delivery speed, the Post Office discounts the postage.  Mail that must be delivered quickly or consistently should be sent First Class.

The Mail Center Manager is responsible for all use of the Standard Mail permit at The University of Scranton.  All mailings prepared for Standard delivery are completed by qualified staff of the Mail Center or by vendors charged with providing service in a error-free manner that does not jeopardize the continued holding of the permit.  A total of five errors in any year by all the users of the University’s permit would cause the loss of the permit to all University users.

Rates for Standard Mail vary by the size and weight of the piece being mailed and by the Zip Code destinations of the mailing.  Rates begin around $.12 per piece.  Standard Mailings must contain at least 200 pieces, and all pieces of a Standard Mailing must be identical in content and physical dimensions. 

Delivery speed of Standard Mail is uncertain, but some patterns are apparent.  In northeastern Pennsylvania, other than during the Thanksgiving to Christmas time period, Standard Mail is normally delivered in 3-5 days.  Outside the region, delivery times of 10 days are not unusual.  Postal regulations allow up to three weeks for delivery of Standard Mail.

For more information and assistance, call the Mail Center at Ext. 7492.

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