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Your Guide to What’s New – and How You Can Help us to Help You!

Over the past year, we’ve renovated, installed new equipment, introduced new technology, and reset our price points in the Copy Center – all designed to better serve the University community!


Copy Center

  • Please submit jobs to printing@scranton.edu.  Wherever possible, please submit jobs electronically, instead of in print form. We do not charge extra for jobs submitted electronically – in fact we very much prefer them that way!
  • Please ensure that jobs are set up in dimensions that match the size that they are to be printed – or in a size that can be proportionately reduced or enlarged. For example, an 8.5” x 11” sheet can be reduced at 50% to 4.25” x 5.5”.  Turning an 8.5” x 11” document into 5” x 8” requires that it be entirely reformatted.
  • There is no longer a rush charge for fast copies!
  • To order business cards, complete the pdf form - electronically. (Fill out the fields in the form; please do not hand write everything in the form.) Then email the completed form to printing@scranton.edu. If you do not have the order form, please call 941-4198 to obtain one.
  • Did you know – it is less expensive to have your basic copying done through the Copy Center than through your campus copiers. Our per click charge of 4 cents per page (8.5 x 11 - black and white on white bond) includes the cost of the paper plus the click charge. Copying for the campus copiers is 4 cents per click but does not include the paper!
  • Our new wide format printer can print up to 44” wide in various lengths. We also print on various specialty papers, vinyls, substrates and canvas. Call us to discuss papers and prices.
  • Please remember to include a budget number on your printing requisitions!
  • Coming soon – web submission for print jobs! We’re moving ahead with software that will allow the campus to submit online requests for jobs. Our goal is to launch the web submission process during this academic year. 
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