Safety, Health & Wellness

University Police
The University Police is dedicated to the safety of the University community. Their website includes information on local crime statistics as well as tips for your student on crime prevention, including the University’s safety escort and call box programs.

Student Health Services
The medical health professionals who work within the health center are here to assist your student in case of illness or injury. Information on student health insurance, immunizations, local hospitals and pharmacies are posted on their website.

The Counseling Center
The staff at the Counseling Center is available to any student of the University community for personal and confidential consultation as well as individual and group counseling. All Counseling Center professional staff are licensed in psychology, counseling or social work and are available to help students make the most they can out of their years at the University.

Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW)
The Center for Health Education and Wellness promotes a healthier campus community through prevention programs and educational activities. CHEW’s programs include alcohol awareness and education programs such as Late Night Scranton.

Recreational Sports Programs & Exercise Facilities
The University offers students many opportunities to stay fit, including intramural teams, aerobic classes and workout facilities.

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